Pullman Big Step Tamper

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  • Pullman Big Step Tamper (Red)
  • Pullman Big Step Tamper (Red)
  • Pullman Big Step Tamper
  • Pullman Big Step Tamper
  • Pullman Big Step Tamper
  • Pullman Big Step Tamper


Pullman's Big Step tamper has great heft and balance, and the precisely machined parts exhibit obvious craftsmanship. This is a tool you'll be happy to use every day, and one you'll want to take great care of. The patent-pending piston is designed to snugly fit the Pullman Filtration Basket, as well as VST-style ridgeless baskets (58.70 mm diameter or larger), giving you full compaction with little to no residual grounds on the side-walls. That means you're compacting your puck fully and evenly across the entire surface, which greatly helps in reducing edge channeling and donut extractions, and can increase extraction yields. The tapered step in the base design reduces suction while removing the tamper, so dislodged or fractured pucks are much less of an issue.

Big Step bases are made from 440 grade stainless steel stainless steel (MKII 440C), so they're hard enough to stand up to busy bar use and will hold their edge longer than the previous 630 grade stainless - but they're still not invincible. It's important to care for your Big Step and protect the base from damage, so it's recommended to store on a soft surface like a rubber tamp stand. Each Big Step tamper includes three handle spacers to adjust the handle height to your preference, and the rubber piston grip helps to ease finger strain throughout the day. We currently carry powder-coated aluminum handle styles only, in a variety of colors. Select the color of your choice from the drop-down menu when adding the product to your cart. Pullman tampers are designed and made in Australia.

What's in the box:

  • Pullman Big Step Tamper
  • 3 handle spacers: 2, 5, and 8 mm
  • Product guide and care manual


  • 58.55 mm base sized to snugly fit VST ridgeless baskets and Pullman baskets (may not fit ridged baskets)
  • Evenly compacts coffee with little side-wall residue
  • Patent-pending stepped piston design reduces suction when removing tamper - no more dislodged pucks!
  • Comfortable rubber grip eases stress on fingers
  • Spacers included to adjust handle height for barista preference
  • Durable 630 grade stainless steel tamper base
  • Made in Australia
Model: Big Step Tamper
Height: 9.2 cm / 3.6 in (adjustable with included spacers)
Base Diameter: 58.55 mm
Base Style: Flat
Weight: 375 g / 13.2 oz
Materials: 630 stainless steel base, rubber grip, steel spacers, powder coated aluminum handle, delrin insert
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