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Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base

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Pullman's Palm tamper marries the edge-to-edge reach of a Big Step base with precisely adjustable depth and a comfortable palm grip for less arm strain while tamping - could it get any better than that? If you're using a precision baskets, like Pullman or VST, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of an oversized tamper base, which has been shown to increase shot extraction and help prevent donut channeling. The Big Step base is a fantastic solution, and the patent-pending design also reduces suction when removing the tamper so your pucks don't get dislodged or cracked. With the Palm handle, you can also precisely adjust your tamping depth from 7.5-14 mm, with no additional tools needed. During proper tamping, the collar of the handle will catch on the rim of the basket, which ensures a level tamp every time. If you own a coffee shop, all those features add up to better consistency between baristas, better extractions, and less arm strain from contorted movements - that's a big win.

Pullman's Palm tamper is designed and manufactured in Australia using stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The Big Step base measures 58.55 mm in diameter, which should fit ridgeless VST baskets and Pullman baskets, but may not fit ridged precision baskets due to slight variations in the basket shape. Big Step bases are made from 630 grade stainless steel, so they're hard enough to stand up to busy bar use - but they're not invincible. It's important to care for your Big Step and protect the base from damage, so it's recommended to store on a soft surface like a rubber tamp stand.

Adjusting your Palm tamper depth: Adjusting the Palm tamper is quick and easy, and we suggest starting by preparing your regular basket with your regular dose, and tamping as normal with a traditional tamper. This will set your baseline target for tamping depth. Then, loosen the adjustments on the Palm tamper by twisting the top counterclockwise until loose. Next, adjust the tamper base depth by twisting it counter-clockwise (from the bottom) to increase the tamp depth, or clockwise to decrease the depth. Check the depth by placing the tamper on your prepared basket. The tamper base should make contact with the coffee and the collar of the tamper should make contact with the basket. If needed, tweak the depth by twisting the tamper base accordingly. When you're satisfied, just twist the top clockwise again to lock in the setting and you're good to go! As you tweak your dose or grind setting, you may need to make small changes to your tamping depth, so simply follow the above process to make a slight change as needed.

What's in the box:

  • Pullman Palm tamper
  • Use and care guide


  • 58.55 mm base sized to snugly fit VST ridgeless baskets and Pullman baskets (may not fit ridged baskets)
  • Designed to tamp level every time by aligning with the basket rim
  • Evenly compacts coffee with little side-wall residue
  • Patent-pending stepped piston design reduces suction when removing tamper - no more dislodged pucks!
  • Adjustable tamping depth from 7.5-14 mm - no tools required!
  • Comfortable palm handle eases arm strain from repetitive tamping
  • Durable 630 grade stainless steel tamper base
  • Made in Australia
Model: Pullman Palm Tamper
Height: 52 mm - 60 mm / 2.0 in - 2.4 in (adjustable depth/height)
Width: 66 mm / 2.6 in
Tamping Depth: 7.5 mm - 14 mm(adjustable)
Base Diameter: 58.55 mm
Base Style: Flat
Weight: 470 g / 16.6 oz
Materials: Anodized aluminum and steel


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5 / 5 stars

Great Tamper!

Great palm tamper to work with. The big step will fit perfectly on VST ridgeless baskets. Also its very easy to adjust it while calibrating espressos. Once it’s set just leave it and it won’t move

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5 / 5 stars

Worth every penny!

I went all-in and purchased a Pullman Chisel Distribution Tool, VST Precision Basket, and Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base, and while this certainly isn’t a ‘cheap’ setup, it is a night and day difference from the stock components that came with my Rocket R58. In fact, the Rocket tamper doesn’t come close to reaching the edge of the filter basket, leaving loose coffee all around the permiter of the puck. The Pullman Chisel and Big Step Palm Tamper literally eliminate the complete variable of tamping from the equation, as they are impossible to screw up. The Chisel creates the perfect coffee bed for tamping and the Palm Tamper ensures a completely level tamp at a consistent depth. Prior to the Pullman setup, my shots were all over the place, literally, with coffee spouting all over the place through my bottomless portafilter. The Pullman gives you a perfect shot every single time.

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5 / 5 stars

A very good tamper

The tamper fits very nice on the basket, no suction effect, feels comfortable on the hand, great gear for the coffee enthusiast.

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