Puqpress M3 for Mahlkonig E65S and E65S GBW

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  • What's in the box

  • Puqpress M3
  • T-wrench
  • Allen Key
  • Power Cable
Puqpress M3 and plant

Cafe Companion

The Puqpress M3 is a fully-automatic tamper designed specifically for the Mahlkönig E65S and E65S GBW. Its limited height and small footprint makes for a smoother workflow. By simply placing the grinder on top of the Puqpress M3, you can flawlessly transition from grinding to perfect tamping in a matter of seconds. It carries a 2 year, unlimited tamp warranty which means it was built to last in a cafe of any volume. It's loaded with features like adjustable pressure, a variety of tamping styles, and an adjustable lower clamp to accommodate any style of portafilter. With the M3 you can get consistent, flat, leveled tamps that produce a better extraction without the stress injuries!

Puqpress tamping portafilter

Consistency and Compatibility

The Puqpress M3 is loaded with features that make it compatible with nearly any espresso machine. It has a 58.3 mm piston for precision tamping, and is suitable for all types of portafilters - naked, single spout, double spout, as well as single, double, and VST baskets. The lower clamp can easily be adjusted with the provided T-wrench, and the precise position can be recreated thanks to the convenient dashes located under the sensor. When you dial in the right setting, pressure, and height, the perfect tamp can be achieved infinite times regardless of the barista or skill level, ensuring each shot of espresso is of the highest quality.

Adjusting pressure of Puqpress

Adjustable Settings and Pressure

The M3 is loaded with tamp settings and pressure options. You can choose between five pressure options — Speedy, Precise, Soft, Hulk, and Single — each tamping in unique style and producing different results. Changing the pressure of tamping can also yield different results. With the M3 you can choose a pressure between 11-66 lbs. With so many options, the ability to experiment is endless. Combine different pressures and styles to pinpoint the perfect tamp for your needs, and replicate it flawlessly every time.

  • tamper icon

    Fully-automatic tamping

  • weight icon

    11-66 lbs of pressure

  • three variation icon

    Availble in black and white

  • portafilter icon

    Compatible with all portafilter types

More Features

58.3 mm piston

VST basket compatible

2 year, unlimited tamp warranty

Adjustable lower clamp

Five tamp settings


Manufacturer: Puqpress
Depth: 28.3 cm
Height: 14.7 cm
Width: 19.4cm
Weight: 10.1 lbs
Power: 76 W
Input: 110-240Vac/50-60Hz
Tamper Diameter: 58.3 mm

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