Puqpress M1 Gen 5 Automatic Tamper for Mahlkonig K30 & Peak

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  • Puqpress M1 Automatic Tamper for Mahlkonig K30 & Peak
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  • Puqpress M1 Automatic Tamper with Portafilter
  • Puqpress M1 Automatic Tamper
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Simplify your workflow and say goodbye to Barista Elbow - the Puqpress M1 is here and available as the Generation 5 model that features a quieter motor. Puqpress is extremely easy to set up and use, saving you time on bar and reducing repetitive strain that traditional tamping can cause. Simply grind a dose into your basket, settle if necessary, then insert the portafilter into your Puqpress and it will tamp even and level for you in just seconds. The Puqpress uses electronically adjustable tamping pressure so you can set it to your desired force - in pounds or kilograms - and it will tamp to the same setting every time. With the Puqpress M1, you can mount the tamper directly beneath your Peak espresso grinder, streamlining your production process and saving on precious counterspace.

To set up the Puqpress M1, you'll need the included socket wrench and a clean and dry portafilter. Begin by unplugging the Puqpress and setting it upside down on a flat surface. Then, loosen the two bolts beneath the portafilter forks. Gently insert the portafilter so the basket rim runs flat and flush against the piston (your portafilter spouts should be facing upward). With the portafilter held firmly in place, gradually tighten each bolt to set the portafilter forks in place. Be sure each fork is making equal contact with the bottom of the portafilter - this ensures a level tamp. Once the bolts are firmly tightened, test that the portafilter can be removed and replaced easily. If there is too much resistance, loosen the bolts and lift slightly on the portafilter handle before tightening the bolts again. This will nudge the forks slightly, giving you a firm hold but enough room to insert and remove the portafilter with ease. From there, simply upright the Puqpress M1, install it beneath your Mahlkonig grinder, power it on, and select your desired tamping pressure.

Adjusting the tamping pressure is simple: just press the + or - buttons to increase or decrease the pressure. The M1 can tamp between 10-30 kgs, or between 20-60 lbs. To switch between kilograms and pounds: power the Puqpress M1 off using the switch at the back. Power it back on while holding the + and Cleaning buttons simultaneously. The display will then show CF. Press the Cleaning button once more to go to the unit selection, then press + or - to select the units desired. Selecting 00 will set the units to kilograms, while selecting 01 will set the units to pounds. The display will intermittently show C0 during this process. Pressing the Cleaning button again twice will save the setting and exit the menu, and your Puqpress will be ready to operate.

To clean the tamper piston, first press the Cleaning button. This will extend the piston so you may safely remove residual grounds with a soft brush or cloth. DO NOT try to clean the piston without setting to Cleaning mode first, as the sensor may trip and trigger the piston, which could result in injury. Once the piston is cleaned, press the Cleaning button again to retract the piston.

What's in the box:

  • 1 Puqpress M1 with 58.3 mm Piston
  • Grinds Catch Tray
  • 1 Three Pin Power Cable
  • 1 Fork Adjustment Wrench
  • 1 Piston Removal Wrench
  • 1 User Manual


  • Adjustable pressure tamping
  • Tamps even and level every time
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Fits directly under your Mahlkonig K30, K30 Air, or Peak grinder
  • Electronic pressure adjustment from 10-30 kg or 20-60 lbs
  • Tamps quickly and cleanly
  • Reduces bodily strain caused by traditional tamping
  • Easy one-step cleaning function
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
Manufacturer: Puqpress
Model: 2-000-0410-2
Dimensions 7 in. (H) x 9.25 in. (W) x 11.5 in. (D)
Tamping pressure: 10-30 kgs / 20-60 lbs
Piston size: 58.3 mm (contact us about alternative piston options)
Voltage: 115v
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