Slayer Steam Two Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Slayer Steam is a cutting-edge commercial machine packed to the gills with time-saving, product-improving features, plus the looks and price to make you instantly fall in love.


250 lbs
35 in
28 in
16.75 in


When Slayer announced the Steam in 2016, naturally people got quite eager and excited to see what's new. What they didn't expect, perhaps, was that the company which built its reputation on innovating in espresso had instead turned its attention to milk and high-volume production instead. The Slayer Steam is a machine which take some emphasis away from tweaking and tuning your shots, and instead focuses on making the best drinks possible in a busy cafe. And that's where the steam comes in: the Slayer Steam's steam system is built for customization and adaptability, with control over flow rate as well as over the new Vaporizer technology. On Steam, you have the ability to set four distinct profiles - two per steam wand - to control the flow rate and temperature needed for different sorts of milk drinks. Need slower flow rate and a modest bump in temperature for a small 5 oz cappuccino? You've got it. Lots of flow and high heat to crank out the next six large lattes? Totally under control. That's what Slayer has brought to the table here: effortlessly adaptable steam power for streamlined drink production.

Another edge to the new steam tech is the drier steam. All steam wands add water to your milk by design - you couldn't heat the milk very well without the added water mass. But there's a point where this starts to turn from efficient heat transfer to plain old dilution of flavor. Steam's approach helps to address that by using the Vaporizers to superheat the steam as it exists the steam boiler, turning some of that excess moisture and condensation back into vapor. Drier steam can have positive impacts on flavor and texture, though it does take a few seconds longer to heat up the same amount of milk. In our tests, we've found that the Steam adds about 10% less water mass to steamed milk, and in certain drinks that shows a distinct improvement in flavor.

The Steam's espresso side features paddle groups with two settings per group. These can be tuned to use the auto volumetrics, or to be used semi-automatically for manual shot pulling. When pulling shots, the bright LED shot lights turn on and off automatically to spotlight what you're pulling and how things look. Screens above each group display shot times and shot weights - calculated from the volumetric flow meters and using an adjustable offset value. They also have convenient controls for running backflush cycles and group flushes, plus control over brew boiler temps and steam boiler pressure. Beneath the groups is a height-adjustable drip tray, with easy-access set pins on either side of the tray available for quick adjustments. Underneath the machine, Slayer has added channels into the Steam's legs, so you can run your wires and lines neatly out of the way for an even cleaner presentation to the customer.

If you're in need of a gorgeous machine for a high-volume environment, packed with features that will make your life easier and your drinks more consistent, you'll want to look at the Slayer Steam.



What's in the box:

  • Slayer Steam 2 Group Espresso Machine
  • External rotary pump with pressure gauge
  • Power cable
  • 2 drain hoses, 5/8 inch ID
  • 1 3/8 in braided hose, 30 in long with 3/8 in compression fittings
  • 2 3/8 in braided hoses, 60 in long with color coded bands
  • 2 portafilters with precision 58 mm baskets
  • 1 backflush portafilter with blind basket


  • Create dry steam at custom temperatures through patent-pending inline super-heater Vaporizers
  • Two programmable doses per grouphead
  • 9-bar extraction includes semi-automatic and volumetric operation
  • Independent brew tanks with PIDs
  • Accu-Flow steam actuator features 2 presets and quick purge
  • Complete customization is available on Barista Dashboard
  • Digital readout, including shot timers, are also available on Barista Dashboard
  • Automatic shot lights indicate start and end of extraction
  • Drain tray features adjustable heigh and cut-out grips for easy removal
  • Cup rail, portafiler handles, brew actuators, and steam actuators are outfitted with Dura-Tex


Manufacturer: Slayer
Model: Slayer Steam 2 Group
Width: 35 in.
Depth: 28 in.
Height: 16.75 in.
Weight: 220 lbs. (full tanks)
Steam Boiler Capacity: 7.4 L
Brew Boiler Capacity: 1.7 L (per group)
Electrical (single-phase): 200-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30 amps, 5700 W
Electrical (three-phase): 380-400 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 amps, 5700 W

For espresso machines with a 208-240v range, you will need a L6-30 locking plug. If you need one, be sure to add one on after clicking 'Add to cart' or grab one from your local hardware store.

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