True TUC-60-HC - 60-Inch Hydrocarbon Undercounter Refrigerator

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True's TUC-60-HC 60-inch Undercounter Refrigerator gives you a refrigeration solution for when not much vertical space is available. The TUC-60-HC uses eco-friendly hydrocarbon R290 refrigerant, which helps you save money on energy. This True unit also comes with True's reverse condensing fan motor to save even more energy and to lengthen the compressor's lifespan.

You can buy the TUC-60-HC in a variety of options. The standard option comes with 5-inch castors, the ADA-approved model uses 3-inch castors, and the low-profile option features 1 ½-inch castors. Door options include standard solid doors, glass doors, 1 door with 2 drawers, and 4 drawers. For detailed specifications for each option, please look over their spec sheets.

While this unit comes standard in stainless steel, there are black, white, and other powder coating color options available. You can find a brochure under the Specs tab that lists the various color options. These color options may result in an upcharge and additional lead time. Please contact our Customer Service team at to ask any questions and place your order.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 helps conserve energy
  • Backed by True's three-year parts and labor warranty with two-additional-year compressor warranty
  • Keeps product temperature between 33°F and 38°F

What's in the Box

  • True TUC-60-HC 60-Inch Undercounter Refrigerator
  • NEMA 5-15P power cord
  • Shelves (Standard and glass-door options come with four; one-door-two-drawer option comes with two; four-drawer option has no shelves)
  • 4 Castors

Sole-Use Circuit Required


  • Three-year parts and labor warranty; two-additional-year compressor warranty
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 helps you use less energy
  • Reverse condensing fan motor to further save energy and to extend the lifespan of the compressor
  • Comes with heavy-duty, PVC-coated wire shelves


Model: Door Options Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Stnd. Height w/Castors (in) ADA Height w/Castors (in) LP Height w/Castors (in) HP Nema Config Cord Length (ft.) Approx. Weiht (lbs.) Refigerant
True TUC-24-HC Solid, glass 24 24 3/4 31 5/8 31 5/8 1/6 5-15P 7 155 R290
True TUC-27-HC Solid, glass, 2-drawer 27 5/8 30 1/8 29 3/4 36 34 31 7/8 1/6 5-15P 7 195 R290
True TUC-36-HC Solid 36 3/8 30 1/8 29 3/4 36 34 31 7/8 1/6 5-15P 11 235 R290
True TUC-48-HC Solid, glass, 1-door-2-drawers, 4-drawers 48 3/8 30 1/8 29 3/4 36 34 31 7/8 1/5 5-15P 7 260 R290
True TUC-60-HC Solid, glass, 1-door-2-drawers, 4-drawers 60 3/8 30 1/8 29 3/4 36 34 31 7/8 1/4 5-15P 7 325 R290
True TUC-72-HC Solid 72 3/8 30 1/8 29 3/4 36 34 -- 1/4 5-15P 7 380 R290
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