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VA358 White Eagle T3 2 and 3 Group Espresso Machines

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The Victoria Arduino 358 White Eagle, adopted in recent years by national and world level barista competitions, represents the state-of-the-art of commercial espresso machine design and performance. Best known for its stunning appearance and incredible precision, the White Eagle is built for the busiest and most quality-minded coffee shops in the world.

Among its many useful features, a programmable auto-volumetric system delivers the same water volume through the White Eagle’s group heads every time the button is pressed, ensuring consistency from shot to shot and freeing the barista to perform other tasks. Choose between a single shot, long shot, continuous delivery, 2 long shots, or a double shot on the group head’s control panel. Baristas can monitor shot time and control brewing temperature, group head temperature, steam boiler pressure, and pre-infusion through the intuitive TFT LCD display. A cool-touch steam wand keeps your hands safe from burns and remains cool even while steaming. The White Eagle also features raised group heads so that tall cups and glasses can be placed directly under the portafilter during brewing.

Nuova Simonelli’s patented T3 technology offers the barista control over 3 different temperatures; the steam boiler, the brew boiler, and the saturated group head. Control over the group head temperature serves as a way to make quick changes to brew temperature to accommodate different coffees or to manipulate extraction. Control over steam temperature allows the barista to hone in on the perfect steam pressure for optimal milk texturing.

If precision, consistency, reliability, and a sleek aesthetic are what you’re looking for in an espresso machine, look no further than the Victoria Arduino White Eagle.

  • Auto-volumetrics
  • Cool-touch steam wand handle
  • T3 Temperature control technology
  • Raised group heads
  • Individual brew boilers per group
  • Digital TFT Display
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty, 1 Year Service Warranty

Victoria Arduino

Since 1905 Victoria Arduino has produced the finest quality espresso machines. Victoria Arduino has remained on the cutting edge of technological advances over the past century while maintaining the highest standard of aesthetic quality for which it has earned an impeccable reputation. Victoria Arduino machines are set apart as beautiful works of art, all the while maintaining high standards in espresso making.
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