OPEN BOX - NEW | VST Precision 58mm Espresso Baskets

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  • VST 58mm Espresso Basket 18g Ridged Side
  • VST 58mm Espresso Basket 18g Ridged Top
  • VST 58mm Espresso Basket 20g Ridgeless Side
  • VST 58mm Espresso Basket 20g Ridgeless Top
  • Size Comparison of VST 58mm Baskets


Item Condition: Open Box - New

Open Box - New: New, unused items, with damaged or replacement packaging.

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  • Precision engineered espresso filter basket
  • Ridged or ridgeless designs
  • Full-surface hole pattern for optimum extractions
  • Each basket is evaluated and graded after production
  • Hole sizes are optically measured to ensure consistency
  • Basket-to-basket precision ensures shot consistency across groups and machines
  • Dimensions:
    • Ridgeless inner diameter: 58.65 mm (measured 8 mm from top)
    • Ridged inner diameter: 58.5 mm (measured at the rim, thinnest point)
    • 18 gram: 24 mm H x 70 mm OD
    • 20 gram: 26 mm H x 70 mm OD
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