Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper

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  • Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper - Large Yellow Pepper
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  • Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper - Large Tomato
  • Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper - Large Antique Green
  • Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper - Large Blue
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Beehouse, adorable dripper

An Exceedingly Forgiving and Adorable Dripper

The Bee House Dripper is a well-loved brewer for baristas, home brewers, and interior designers alike because it is attractive, easy to use, and its colors (of which there are five options) pop. The design—a simple wedge profile, interior ribs, and two drain holes in the valley—was inspired by Melitta's classic brewer, the same company who still makes the ubiquitous filters for the Bee House (and many other brewing devices). The base sits securely on a mug or carafe and has cut-outs in each side to allow air circulation and a clear view of the coffee level. Overall, it is a quite forgiving dripper that allows for a flavorful, properly-extracted cup without an exceedingly refined pouring technique or special kettle. For this reason, many high-volume shop owners have chosen to use this dripper instead of others with a steeper learning curve. The Bee House comes in small (for use with Melitta #1 filters) or large (#2 filters).

Beehouse brewing recipe

Brewing Parameters & Recipe

The Bee House is forgiving, sure, but it helps to have a recipe. We recommend starting with 36-42 grams of coffee (medium grind), 600-700 mL of 200-205°F water, and brewing for a total of 3:00-3:30. Begin with a bloom period. Pour just enough water to wet the coffee grounds and let the mixture rest for about 30 seconds. After the bloom, pour slowly and in concentric circles until the water level reaches the top of the dripper; then give the vessel a gentle swirl. After the water level has receded about halfway, begin the final pour, stopping when the total weight (600-700mL, depending on the dry dose) has been reached.

"Easy pour over dripper to use. Really enjoy how this dripper does most of the work for you as an introduction to the world of pour over brewing methods"

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—Brian, Verified Buyer

"Arrived safely and relatively quickly. I love this coffee dripper."

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-Marjorie, Verified Buyer

"arrived safe and fast. very cute."

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-Stacy, Verified Buyer

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    Works with ubiquitous Melitta filters

  • 2 size options

    2 size options

  • 5 color options

    5 color options

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    Easy to use

More Features


Sturdy ceramic construction

Classic meets contemporary design

Beehouse Dimensions Graphic


Manufacturer: Bee House
Model: BKK-15L WH, BKK-15S WH
Brew Method: Pour over
Filter Type: #2 or #4 (large), #1 (small)
Dimensions: 4' x 3" at base, 3.5" deep, 4.5" at top (large)

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