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Choosing Espresso Equipment

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Beginner espresso equipment recommendations

With fresh knowledge, it's time to ask: do you have the gear to get going? Perhaps you're shopping for your first machine. Or maybe you're ready to upgrade that dinosaur on your kitchen counter. And what are you grinding with, anyway? There are a dozen models that we could recommend without thinking twice, but these are our among favorites for beginners.

Espresso machines for beginners

  • Rancilio Silvia espresso machine

    The Silvia set the standard for home espresso machines more than 15 years ago and it hasn't yet been outdone. With a solid build and a simple interface, it's the best entry-level machine there is.

  • Vibiemme Domobar Junior semi-automatic espresso machine

    Working with a little more counter space? Making drinks for a group? The Domobar Junior is bigger and badder than the Silvia, boasting superior boiler capacity and heating power. It's also easy to operate and maintain, making it a great choice for the just-getting-started.

  • Izzo Alex Duetto 3 espresso machine

    For a real café-at-home experience – endless steam and hot water, temperature control, and a plumb-in option – the Duetto is our go-to. This mammoth machine is unbeaten in its class and can handle anything you throw at it.

Espresso grinders for beginners

  • Baratza Encore coffee grinder

    Baratza is a – if not the – major player in home espresso grinding and the Encore is the place to start for espresso. Its conical steel burrs cut with with impressive precision throughout its range of 40 grind settings. (That means it can grind for espresso, french press, and everything in between!) Like other Baratza grinders, it's totally intuitive to use.

  • Baratza Vario espresso grinder

    For an espresso-centric home café, consider the Vario. Its weight- and time-based programming allow you to save your work and repeat results time and time again. With special ceramic burrs, the Vario is truly designed to make stellar espresso.

  • Mazzer Mini espresso grinder

    The tall, sleek shape of a Mazzer grinder has become an icon of specialty espresso. These Italian workhorses are classic grinders that have set the standard for quality. For long-lasting performance and unparalleled durability, make the Mazzer Mini your home espresso grinder.

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