Video Overview | Timemore Grinder Go Advanced

Video Overview | Timemore Grinder Go Advanced

Jan 21st 2022 Written by Reagan Jones

Timemore's Grinder Go Advanced bridges the gap between manual grinders and countertop electric grinders. It is small enough to fit unobtrusively in a suitcase yet large enough to handle up to 100g of coffee in the hopper at a time. The Grinder Go Advanced includes several unique features, including Timemore's titanium-coated E&B burrs and a smart motor that reverses when it is unable properly to grind a dense coffee (or any coffee at too fine a grind setting). The rechargeable battery lasts up to 15 hours per charge.


Timemore Grinder Go Advanced

400g of Ground Coffee Per Charge

Hey, it's Steve here from Prima Coffee. And today, we're going to take a look at the Timemore Go Advanced. This is a grinder that bridges that gap between your manual grinders and your countertop electric grinders. This is a portable, rechargeable electric grinder that can do most brewing methods, except for espresso. We see this working for a couple of different applications. The first is traveling, that's really kind of why it was made. It has this little travel case, the grinder will fit perfectly in there. You can put this USBC charger right here into the grinds catch, and it'll fit upwards of about 100 grams of coffee. You can throw it in there, put it in your bag and go. Another application for this is going to be just a grinder that you want to have at home on your countertop because it is capable of doing that even though it might be just a little bit slower than some of the alternatives. If you don't want to keep it plugged into the charger, it'll grind about 250 grams, somewhere around there, give or take, per charge. Whereas the parts are concerned on here, again, the hopper here will hold about up to 100 grams of coffee. It's what we have been doing with a light roasted coffee, it's going to depend on the density of that coffee. You got this glass grounds catch that's threaded. You have about 40 usable settings here, and it is just like the manual grinder from Timemore. You turn this wheel here to the left counterclockwise, you're going to go coarser. And to the right, you're going to go finer. It does have these titanium-coated E&B burrs from Timemore, which they've used in some of their manual grinders so that you can do both espresso and brewing, high-quality consistent grind for both. The two really interesting features on here, one of them is if you do turn it on, and you're not grinding coffee, after about 10 seconds, somewhere around there, the grinder is just going to turn off to save the battery. Another really neat feature, one that you may never actually see, is that if you're grinding coffee that is too dense or you're trying to go too fine, you can see on here it actually says on this warning, from zero to two clicks, it's recommending not to use light roasted coffee. We find that actually, you can use light roasted coffee, but if you're using sort of super light roasting coffee, you might have some trouble. So what the grinder does though, is that if it gets stuck, if it's trying to grind and it's having trouble rotating as the motor is built to do, it'll actually reverse. So it sort of recognizes that it's too fine, it'll reverse and try again, and then it'll eventually stop if it can't get through that coffee. So a couple little neat features of this grinder. So that is the Timemore Grinder Go Advanced.

Jan 21st 2022 Reagan Jones

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