How to Brew: Kalita Wave Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Kalita Wave brewing video

You've seen them everywhere: cafes, competitions, industry mags, and now on your favorite coffee equipment site. (We are your favorite, right?) You're wondering, "What's the Wave all about? Is it the new V60? How does it even work?" We're so glad you asked.

In this film, Chris demonstrates how to make a proper cup of coffee with the ubiquitous Wave dripper. Take a pinch of know-how and give us a moment's time: your new favorite brew method awaits.


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Would love to see a brew method review like you guys did with the v60.

CarlJ, I recommend brewing without rinsing the white filters at least once – let us know if you observe a difference. In those two films by Nick Cho, you'll notice that he rinses the brown filters but not the white. They're just so clean! –Chris you always have to wet the filter before brewing. But do this very carefully always pour the water before brewing in the middle of the filter, not on the edges. There are different video's on the internet about brewing the Wave. here are a few good ones:

With any other filter, I would. But those white Kalita filters are crazy clean, and you should be fine without rinsing. And you're right: they can be a total nightmare if you try! -Chris

Big fan of the wave but did you wet the filter before brewing? I ask because I also have the 155 and it's a nightmare trying to properly wet the filter before dumping coffee into it.

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