Video Vault: Baratza Forte Comparisons and Tutorials

Baratza Forte video

The Baratza Forté is the newest coffee and espresso grinder on the planet – what in the world is it all about? We've pitted it against some classics and peeked under the hood to help get the word out: this grinder's got guts!

See the fun-size fly-over, an overview of the Forté.

What about the competition? Watch them fight: Baratza Forté versus Mazzer Mini.

It's a family feud. Compare Baratza's Forté and Vario.

Something's off? Learn how to re-calibrate the Forte's scale.

Video Overview of the Forté

In this overview, Chris gives the full Forté tour: What's this grinder all about? Who's it for? Is it worth the money? Hit play to learn about burr size, dosing speed, range of adjustment, and more.

Baratza Forté versus Mazzer Mini

How does the Forté measure up to the Mazzer Mini? Both are shop-ready espresso grinders that sell in the neighborhood of $900. But one's faster, one's louder, one's stronger... and one's better for you. Which is it?

Forté versus Vario

The Forté is the beefed-up older brother of the Vario, and both grinders are suited for espresso and brewed coffee. Let Chris walk you through their differences and similarities in build, burr sets, and UI.

Calibrating the Forte's Scale

Did the scale on your Forté forget how to do its job? Re-calibrating the load cell is easy. You'll need your grinder, an extra scale, and half a pound of coffee (don't worry, it's not going anywhere). Tap that triangle to get started.

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