Video Overview | Ditting KR1203

Video Overview | Ditting KR1203

Nov 5th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Ditting KR1203's 120mm wear-resistant steel burrs (rated for 25,000 lbs.) spinning at 1400 RPM can grind an impressive five or more pounds of coffee per minute. In addition, it has an integrated shaker plate that helps to settle the grounds when grinding into a bag and a spring-loaded manual knocker, making the KR1203 suitable for all commercial applications.


Ditting KR1203

Grind Quality

Hey, I'm Ryan from Prima Coffee Equipment here. And today, we're looking at the Ditting KR1203, a trusted standard for mid to high-volume cafes, and one of the most powerful 120-volt grinders on the market. At heart, the Ditting KR1203 is what we classify as a retail coffee grinder. Just like its smaller counterparts, the 804 and the 807, the KR1203 is optimized for grinding directly into small or large coffee bags on demand. Anytime you see that prefix KR before a Ditting model, that implies that it's equipped with a spring-loaded bag clamp and a vibrating plate. This vibrating plate transfers the vibration from the motor to the coffee bag, helping to settle grounds as they accumulate in the bag, preventing mounding and, ultimately, spillage. This chute secures that bag to the vibration plate, and also acts as a grind's knocker to remove grounds from the chute after a cycle. On the side of the grinder is a stepless grind adjustment that ranges from 200-300 all the way up to 1200 microns. With that kind of range, the KR1203 is a true all-purpose retail bag grinder. The 1203 is equipped with 120-millimeter steel burrs that spin at 1400 rpm. At setting 8, which is about 800 microns, these burrs will pump out about 5 pounds per minute. At coarser settings, it will grind a bit faster, and the finer you get, it will incrementally put out grind slower. That burr set is rated for 25,000 pounds before they need to be replaced. So, though the 1203 is technically rated for continuous use, it is recommended, if you're grinding more than 60 pounds per day, to look at a more industrial model, like the 1403 behind me or the 1800 series. Sixty pounds or less, the 1203 would be a great choice. I'm going to go ahead and grind one pound of coffee into this transparent bag to give you an idea of the functionality of the spring-loaded clamp and the vibration plate, and to just show you how incredibly fast this machine grinds. So, I'm going to empty the beans up here into the hopper, then use this clamp to secure the bag. Okay. Now, I'm on setting 8, which is about 800 microns, and that's about an average setting for a batch brew. Let's see it happen. Just like that, one pound of coffee is ground. And you'll notice that bag bounced off that vibration plate multiple times during that cycle to help flatten out that ground's bed as it accumulated. So that's the Ditting KR1203, a monster-built grinder, perfect for mid to high-volume cafes, who are pre-grinding coffee for their customers.

Nov 5th 2021 Reagan Jones

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