Video Overview | Hario Clear Tea Pot

Video Overview | Hario Clear Tea Pot

Sep 17th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Hario Clear Tea Pot is a modern and simple way to brew loose tea leaves. The tea pot is made up of only two pieces thanks to the filter being built into the lid. The clear, clean lined design makes a beautiful addition to any countertop.


Hario Clear Teapot

Brew hot or cold tea

Hey guys, it's Reagan from Prima Coffee, and today, we're going to check out the Clear Tea Pot from Hario. ♪ [music] ♪ The Clear Tea Pot is a great option for anyone who is looking to brew their tea leaves with ease. It is made up of only two parts, a lid and a body. It is also very small, sitting just shy of 5 inches, and the lid has the filter built in. It's made of PCT resin, and the body is made out of heatproof glass. Clear design is really nice too because one of the beauties of looseleaf tea is getting to see the leaves unfold and dance around, and this gives you a clear view to do that. So I'm going to show you how to brew with the Clear Tea Pot. Today, we're going to be using black tea, and we're going to use 9 grams of tea which I've already been measured out. And another good thing about the Clear Tea Pot is that it's small enough that it really comfortably fits on most scales. And we are going to pour 12 ounces or about 340 grams of water. And the water I'm using right now is about 200 degrees. Okay, so now we have 340 grams of water, 9 grams of tea leaves. And we're going to wait about four minutes to let it steep all the way. So after four minutes, everything should be properly steeped, and you can just pour directly into a glass or a cup. And as you can see, the tea leaves are all caught by the filter, and it makes for a really easy cleanup because once you're done, all you have to do is remove the lid, rinse it, rinse the body of the teapot, and it also can go into the dishwasher.

Sep 17th 2021 Reagan Jones

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