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Pouring tea out of Hario Clear Teapot

Easy Pouring

Hario's Clear Teapot's beautiful glass construction features clean lines and a unique shape. Made of heatproof glass, this teapot is ideal for both hot and cold brewing, and its spout with filter makes for a flawless, one-handed pouring experience. Add your favorite loose tea leaves or sachets, hot water, and pour to enjoy a perfectly extracted and wonderfully aromatic tea drinking experience.

White Stagg EKG kettle pouring water into Hario Clear Teapot

Full Extraction, Pleasant Aeromatics

Thanks to the Clear Teapots large-bodied design and lack of strainer interference, the tea leaves have ample room to unfold and dance around, allowing them to extract to their fullest and leave you with a beautifully extracted and delightfully aromatic cup of tea.

Hario Clear Teapot steeping tea leaves

Easy Clean Up

The clear body and limited number of parts make for an easy cleanup. The lid, which is made up of PCT resin, is heatproof and impact resistant as well as BPA-free. The rubber deal can be easily removed and all parts are dishwasher safe. Simply pour water into the teapot to rinse out the tea leaves.

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    Dishwasher safe

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    Brew hot or cold tea

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    Filter attached to spout

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    Available in 450 mL and 700 mL options

More Features


Impact resistant lid

Heatproof glass

One-handed pour

Made Japan


Model: 450 mL 700 mL
Manufacturer: Hario Hario
Sizes: W130 x D100 x H123mm W144 x D120 x H144mm
Practical capacity: 450 mL 700 mL
Material: Filter with spout-PCT resin
Packing-Silicone rubber
Body - Heatproof glass
Filter with spout - PCT resin
Packing - Silicone rubber
Body - Heatproof glass

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