Video Overview | The Coffee Brewer's Log Book

Video Overview | The Coffee Brewer's Log Book

Aug 20th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Coffee Brewer's Logbook is a convenient space to record over 80 pages' worth of coffees and brews. Share with others or just put this classy book on the shelf to be admired and revisited for reference. In this video, Steve talks about the details of the book and then shows what's inside.


The Coffee Brewer's Log Book

Over 80 pages for recording brew information

Hey. Steve here with Prima Coffee, and today, we're going to take a look at "The Coffee Brewer's Logbook." "The Coffee Brewer's Logbook" was created by a couple of brothers who wanted to share recipes. Instead of just sending back slips of paper, they decided to create this book so that they could record all that information and they could share it with each other. So in addition to that, it's just a really great space for you to have information about the different coffees that you buy throughout the year, the different ways that you're brewing it, and what's going well and what's not going well so that you can make it better next time. The book itself has this durable black cover. You can see there is a foil-stamped illustration on the front, and on the spine, you have the foil-stamped title. There's also this nice ribbon bookmark that's sewn into the binding. It gives it a really classic look. And on the inside, there are more than 80 pages for you to record information about the different coffees you're using and the different methods you're using to brew that coffee. So each of those pages will have two sections. At the top, you have the coffee that you're using and information about that. So the region, the roast level, the roast dates, and then the processing method. And then, when you get into the coffee itself, there are several columns for you to record information about individual brews. So what's the method you're using? What's the dose? What's the yield? What's the brew time? And then, also, any notes that you want to include. So that is "The Coffee Brewer's Logbook."

Aug 20th 2021 Reagan Jones

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