Video Overview | Hario Largo Tea Dripper

Video Overview | Hario Largo Tea Dripper

Aug 3rd 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Hario Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set is a beautiful and useful piece of equipment for any tea enthusiast. With the flip of a switch, you can brew wonderfu;, evenly extracted hold or cold tea. It is made up of three parts - a dripper that extracts the tea leaves, a pitcher underneath, and a stand that houses the dripper on top.


Hario Largo Tea Dripper

Ideal shape for "tea jumping"

Hey, guys, it's Reagan from Prima Coffee, and today, we are going to check out the Hario Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set. When it comes to brewing tea leaves, the Hario Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set is a work of art. It's really beautiful and unique. It's made up of three parts. We have the actual tea dripper on top, the stand, and the pitcher on the bottom. All stacked up, it stands at about a foot tall. And both bases are made out of heat-proof glass, and the rim of this is rubber. Altogether, it's a very sturdy tea set. So today, we're going to be brewing a Botanical Blend from Rishi. As you can see with this tea dripper stand set, is even though it's large, it can comfortably sit on some larger-size scales like the Acaia Pearl. We have this all tared out, and for this blend, in particular, we're going to measure out 12 grams of tea, and then we will add 12 ounces of water or about 350 grams. And the water we're using right now is about 200 degrees. So as the water pours, you can see the tea leaves expanding and sort of floating around. The fishbowl shape of that really encourages the leaves to do that. And this blend needs to steep for five minutes, so we'll set the timer. All right. So once you hit about that five-minute mark, you're ready to send the tea down into the pitcher. And this is the fun part because all you do is flip this switch, and it drains. All it's doing is moving that stainless steel ball in this center area out of the way, and it traps all of the tea leaves in the top, and you get all of your tea in the bottom. And like I said, if you put ice cubes in here, you'll have a cool tea as well. So once you fill this, the cleanup is really simple. Both the dripper and the pitcher are dishwasher safe, so I would just dump out the tea leaves. Be careful not to shake it around too much because that stainless steel ball in there can become dislodged. That does happen. It will pop right back in. But it can be a pain if it falls into the trash can or something along those lines. If you're looking for a really unique and beautiful way to brew your tea, the Hario Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set is a great option.

Aug 3rd 2021 Reagan Jones

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