Hario Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set

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  • Front of tea pitcher and tea stand
  • Back of tea stand and tea dripper
  • Front of tea stand, tea dripper, and tea pitcher
  • Back of tea stand and tea dripper

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  • What's in the box

  • Tea Dripper Largo
  • Glass Server
  • Tea Stand
Hand pouring tea into the Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set

Perfect Extraction

The Hario Tea Dripper Largo Stand's unique shape and design result in tea extracted to your ideal strength. Its clear-glass, round-shape design are ideal for the tea leaves to unfold and dance around the dripper — creating the perfect environment for a balanced extraction. Made of heatproof glass, the Tea Dripper Largo is safe to use with waters at high temperatures.

Hand placing lid on the Hario Largo Tea Stand Set

Statement Piece

The Hario Tea Dripper sits securely atop of the tea stand while the pitcher sits comfortably underneath. The Tea Dripper's round fish-bowl design and black base, combined with the stand and unique spout of the server, create a piece of gear that is on par with a work of art. Boasting both beauty and function, the Hario Tea Dripper Stand Set makes a gorgeous addition to any setup.

Finger Pressing the switch on the Hario Largo Tea Dripper

Press and Extract

Once the tea has reached the strength you desire, simply press down on the switch, and watch as the tea flows into the pitcher without any debris infiltrating the tea.

Your Tea, Your Choice

Allow the tea to extract into the pitcher for a warm, comforting cup of hot tea - or if iced tea is more your style, fill the server with ice, and enjoy as the tea becomes a cold and refreshing beverage.

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    Dishwasher Safe

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    Made with heat proof glass

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    Beautiful and unique server

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    Ideal shape for "tea jumping"

More Features

Steep tea to ideal strenth

Convenient switch for easy extraction

Pour over ice for delicious iced tea

Made of heat proof glass

Silicone drip tray


Material:Lid:AS Resin
Inner holder base:Silicone rubber
Filter.Stainless ball:Stainless steel
Tea Stand:Poly methyl methacrylate
Drip tray:Silicone rubber
Size:W17 x D13.4 x H30.9cm
Practical Capacity:800 mL

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