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Anfim CODY II Commercial Espresso Grinder


Hey, Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today we're going to take a look at Anfim's CODY II Commercial Espresso Grinder. Now, this is Anfim's most diminutive commercial grinder. Basically their smallest form factor for the lowest volume use. A really good grinder for...let's say you're doing a catering set-up or maybe a farmers' market, or you just have a low-volume café, or sort of annex café to another business. This is going to be an excellent grinder for you because while small, it is nonetheless powerful and robust. If you're familiar with Anfim's grinders, you'll recognize the whole Caimano platform here. This fairly stout, boxy shape. Definitely a reliable series of grinders. Certainly a well-known name and platform. And now it's been a little bit more updated for, more modern takes on espresso. And kind of being a little bit more friendly to how we like to pull our shots today. Up top, we have a one pound hopper, fairly small volume. But again, really suitable for those lower-volume environments, or even as a home grinder, if you'd really like to have a, kind of out-of-the-park style espresso set-up at home.

Anfim CODY II Commercial Espresso Grinder

Two easy-to-set programmable timed doses

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We have stepless adjustment, using a worm gear style adjustment screw. So we have just a screw with a knob on the back, and you can make really nice fine-tuned adjustments, just with a quick little turn here and there. So dialing in is exceptionally easy and you're settings are going to stay in place, and be fairly reliable. We have 64 millimeter flat steel burrs inside. Now those are upgradable to titanium coated burrs. They are a little bit more expensive, but they do add quite a bit of durability and consistency to your coffee. So over the lifetime, the burrs will dull, but those titanium coated burrs are a bit more robust. They're going to stay sharper for longer and you're going to have more consistent and predictable shots. So, if you are in a commercial environment, that's probably the way that you want to go, unless you're looking strictly to save a little bit more money. We have a doserless design, so we have a nice big spout right here on the front. A great, sturdy portafilter hook, and we have this intermittent switch to set off the dosing mechanism.

We're using timed dosing here. So we have two dosing settings. Both are programmable to the tenth of a second. They're set to single and double, just out of the factory, but you can set them however you need. Programming's very easy, all we're going to do is hold down the dose button of our choice for a few seconds. The light is going to blink, and the screen is going to blink and show...right here, we have the full second, so I can change that up and down really easily with the plus and minus on the keypad. I'll hit my dose button again and switch over to the tenths of a second, can change that up and down, of course, very easily. And then one more press of that button locks in my setting. We also have a, sort of pulse button or just an on-demand grind button down here at the base. So all you need to do is push that button in and the grinder will grind continuously until you let it go. So that's really great for if you're, you know, dialing in your espresso and you haven't quite gotten the time setting that you need yet, or you know, you're still playing around with grind sizes and a different coffee, or something like that. You can just pulse and add a little bit more to your basket. Pull your shot, see how it goes, and then set the time that you need. Or, perhaps you just want to grind fully manually without worrying about the time settings, you do have that option available to you.

Now, I'll grind a little bit here and... just to kind of show off the grind speed. So we have a fairly fluffy grind here. It's delivering, primarily in the center of the basket. We do have a little bit of spillage, just because of the clumping of the coffee. There is a new, sort of flapper membrane in the works for de-clumping that coffee and getting a little bit more fluffy and centered delivery in the basket. So, that'll be a nice upgrade to look forward to in the future. But we really have no complaints about the coffee quality that we get out of this. The grind is very uniform and a really great value for the price. Shots taste great, they're really easy to dial in. And the quality rivals even more expensive flat burr espresso grinders. And again, you have this nice compact and robust package. The grinder stands about 17-inches tall, so again, if you are a home enthusiast, you might even be able to fit this under your cabinets. But also, again, it's very compact, very portable for more mobile espressos set-ups. And again, that grind quality is pretty tough to beat, and rivals some much more expensive espresso grinders. Really fantastic product here in the CODY II. So that is the Anfim CODY II. Thanks for watching.

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