Video Overview | Baratza Sette Coarse Burr (BG)

Video Overview | Baratza Sette Coarse Burr (BG)

Aug 1st 2017 Written by meredithlangley

Go from grinding for espresso to grinding for auto drip in under a minute with Baratza’s Sette Coarse Burr for Sette 270 and Sette 270W grinders. Designed to excel in the medium-to-coarse range, the Sette Coarse Burr offers top-notch performance and better uniformity of grind, from drip to french press. Ready to see it in action? Watch along as Steve examines the Sette Coarse Burr and demonstrates the quick, simple burr swap.



Hey folks, this is Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today we're taking a look at Baratza's new BG Burr for the Sette series grinders. Now this is a burr that's designed for the Sette 270 and 270W to give you better coarse range grind performance. One of the critiques of the, let's call it the AP, the all-purpose burr set that comes with the 270 and the 270W, is that it's really well-suited for espresso and some fine drip grinding like for V60s, but once you start getting out towards the Chemex range, where you need a little bit more coarseness, it produces a few more fines. It can make for some muddy cups, slow draw downs, and kind of underwhelming extractions.

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So the BG Burr is a redesigned cone burr that you can install into your Sette to give you better performance, fewer fines, and better-tasting coffee out towards that Chemex range. In our tests, it's still a little bit underwhelming for French press. It can be a little bit chalky, it can be a little bit muddy, but it's much better-performing once you do those Kalita Waves, as I said Chemexes, that kind of, like, mid to slightly coarse drip range of coffee brewing. So it's a really great upgrade and it comes just as you see it here. It's installed in its own burr carrier already. This is the new cone burr, and you don't need any hardware, it's already screwed in. So really all you need to do is take this and exchange it for the existing burr carrier that you have in your grinder. So I'm going to show you how to do that. To start our installation, I've got my Sette right here.

First things first, I want an empty hopper because I don't want to drop all the beans down through, but we're also going to flip the key down so the hopper is closed. I'm also going to unplug the Sette, just for safety. We don't want it turning on while we're trying to work with the burrs. Get rid of my grounds tray. Really, really easy to drop the burr carrier here. We'll just twist it all the way in until it drops. And then what you need to do is pop out the existing burr and burr carrier. We're going to take this little cone piece out, install it in the new burr carrier. Really easy. And then just push this in until it clicks. And there we go. Actually, it's a little crooked. There we go. Make sure it's fully seated and can turn freely. And then we'll just install it back in the grinder. Push up, lock it in, and we're ready to roll. It's really that simple, no tools needed. And that should give you access again to a little bit better coarse grinding performance on your Sette 270 and 270W. And that's the coarse burr, the BG Burr, by Baratza for the Sette grinders. Thanks for watching.

Aug 1st 2017 meredithlangley

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