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Cafe Solo by Eva Solo


The Cafe Solo is perhaps one of the simplest brewing devices on the market, as well as one of the most elegant. Marrying delicate glass, steel and a fitted neoprene jacket, this is the sort of brewing device you'd want to proudly display in your counter at all times.

1.0 Liter Cafe Solo by Eva Solo

Includes smart, tip-up lid for easy pouring, and a Neoprene sleeve which can be easily removed for cleaning.

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Hi! I'm Sidra with Prima Coffee, and I'm here today to take you through the Cafe Solo by Eva Solo. Now this is a full-immersion brewer and it's a lot like a French press. Now I'm gonna go ahead and open it up. You may have noticed that it has a little neoprene, a warmer on it. What this does is it just keeps the brew consistently warm during brew time and will continue to keep it warm after brew time as well.

Anyway, much like the French press, you would put the right amount of grounds in here, however much coffee that you're making, the right amount of water as well. You're going to wait about four minutes. Now where it differs with the French press is that after four minutes, you would press down on the top, of course, but with the Cafe Solo, you would just pour it out. And what allows you to do that is the fact that they have the stainless steel filter, right here. So while you're pouring, it is actually going to capture the grounds and not let them pass the opening right here.

It comes with the little rubber stopper right here, and this whole thing is dishwasher-safe, with the exception of the neoprene warmer. And it just plunges right in, suctions in there. And the top right here is a neat little device in that when the Cafe Solo is laid flat, it stays flat as well, so it's not going to let any heat out or anything like that. However, when it's poured to the side, turned the side while you're pouring, it just falls open and allows the liquid to pass through.

When you put it back upright, it closes again. And that just snuggles in right there. So what you do is, like I said, put your grounds in, put your water in, wait for brew time, and then pour. And just like that. There are no grounds in this coffee. So there you have it. That is the Cafe Solo by Eva Solo. Thanks for watching.

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