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If any coffee brewer could be said to make excellence approachable, it's the Clever. This is a brewing system unlike any other, with patented technology that makes it ideal for beginners yet still enjoyable for pros. The Clever is as forgiving as they come. So your technique, however unrefined, won't come between you and a tasty cup of coffee.

Clever Coffee Dripper - Immersion Brewer

Abid's full-immersion dripper produces a clean, tasty cup that couldn't be any easier to use.

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Hey, Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment, and today we're going to take a look at the Clever Coffee Dripper. At first glance, the Clever seems to be just your classic pour-over cone, but actually it's something very different.

I'm going to demonstrate with a small Clever here. In the bottom of the cone, you have this unique mechanism that is engaged whenever it sits on top of a cup. So as soon as I set this on top of a cup here, you can see that mechanism is engaged, and that's actually what releases the slurry. Now, we'll get back to that later. But what this really means for the Clever is that it's a full-immersion brewer. This means that all of the coffee and all of the water meet at the same time, and they're together for the entire brewing process until you separate them at the end.

And you've probably seen this before in things like the French press or siphon or Eva Solo. There are a bunch of different immersion brewers out there, and the Clever is one of them. What makes it unique is that, for one, it uses a paper filter. So inside of the Clever, I'm actually using a Melitta #4 paper filter. And it also has a mechanism that makes it really ideal for a single cup serving, so it's great just to put it right on top of your cup whenever you're done.

Like I said, the Clever does use a Melitta filter. So for the large Clever here, I'm going to use a #4 filter, and for the small one I'm going to use a #2. These filters are an awesome choice because they're available at tons of grocery stores and all over the place. So it's super, super easy to get a hold of Melitta filters, and they do a good job at filtering too.

So the Clever, being an immersion brewer, it means that you are going to get a really, really full cup of coffee. It's not going to be as textured and full of sediment or grit as a French press or something because it has that paper filter that does a great job of separating. But you're still going to be very full and flavorful. It's a very different cup of coffee from a normal pour-over brewer, but it does still implement some pour-over techniques.

So at the beginning, I actually poured water over the coffee and afterwards put the lid on top, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and at the end of that time I'm going to set it back on top of a mug. So the Clever is really great for a couple of different applications really. It's excellent for shops because it doesn't require as much attention by the barista. So if you're in a busy space, but you still want to do by-the-cup brewing, you can actually just get this whole thing started in maybe a minute and then leave it alone for a while, while it brews. So that's really handy for shops that are busy.

It's also great for home owners who, likewise, don't want to put a ton of time and attention into this, or they don't want to put all the money into it to have a really special pouring kettle and all that sort of stuff. It's a very forgiving brewer. So you're able to get by without a lot of these fancy accessories.

Just sort of basic setup, get the brewer, the filters, the coffee, the water, and something to measure with. It's also especially great for traveling. It has really durable BPA-free plastic. So it's going to be really simple just to toss it in a bag, and you can pretty much brew anywhere you can get a hold of some clean water that can be heated. So it works really well for traveling also.

So I'll show you right now, at the end of this brewing process, you just lift the whole Clever up. I'm actually going to put it on top of a server. This one holds a little bit more, being large. Push it on. It deploys right there. This large Clever has about a 16 to 18 ounce capacity. So this one here is designed for cups about 16 ounces. The smaller one is going to be closer to 10 ounces, so smaller cups here. But they're both great for single servings. If you don't drink a ton of coffee, the larger one is actually great for two people. It'll make a great cup of coffee.

Super easy to use, very friendly and forgiving. Filters you can find anywhere. It's a simple, approachable product, and I highly recommend it for anybody who's just getting started with manual brewing. This is the Clever Coffee Dripper. Thanks for watching.

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