Video Overview | Cold Bruer - Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer

Video Overview | Cold Bruer - Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer

Dec 14th 2014 Written by meredithlangley

Cold Bruer - Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer: Cold brew fans, rejoice! Cold Bruer is a simplified device for getting that smooth, refreshing, low-acidic taste you crave.


The Cold Bruer brings cold drip ice coffee home in a totally surprising way. Gorgeous design and uncanny accessibility set this brewer apart from any other cold brew tower. Coffee enthusiasts that crave real cold drip at home couldn't hear better news.

Cold Bruer - Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer

Adjustable drip rate, makes about 20 oz. of cold brew coffee, includes 100 paper filters.

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Hey, Chris here with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're brewing with the Cold Bruer. Cold Bruer is a cold drip device made by a company called Bruer. And it's an incredibly easy way to make ice coffee at home.

So here are the things that we need. First, get the full Bruer apparatus, get a paper filter which is included, some ground coffee. Using about two ounces of coffee here, not that much. And sort of grounded like a medium-fine, put that out for you. Use a Baratza Vario to grind that, great home grinder. You're also going to need 12 ounces of ice, 12 ounces of cool water, very easy setup. Let's get goin'.

First take the Bruer apart just by pullin' out the stopper and valve from the top chamber. Into that top chamber we're going to pour our coffee. Try not get any on the edges but just in the bottom of the chamber. Pour all of it in there. About two ounces of coffee there. Two ounces of coffee to the... 24 ounces of total H2O over there comes down to about 1 to 12 ratio which is a little bit more steep of a brewing ratio than you do for hot coffee. For ice coffee I think it works really well.

So get the coffee in there, level it out, set in the carafe. And I'm going to put the paper filter on top. Under there there's actually a metal mesh filter at the bottom of the brewer which is separating coffee particles from the extracted brew itself. Put that on top. Make sure it's nice and level. Then, you're going to splash just a little bit of water on top of that. And that's just going to wet the filter to get water spread all over the top of that brew bed to get the coffee a little bit wet too.

So just put a splash on there. Hopefully you're using something better to pour than a pint glass, but that will do for now to get that just a little bit wet. We're going to put the stopper in. And make sure this is nice and tight in there so I'll know the water gets through. We only want the water to go through the valve at the rate we tell it to.

So you start to pour this. Watch that to make sure none of the water's dripping through yet. All right, got all my water in there, 12 ounces right there and we're gonna add all the ice. That's 12 ounces ice total. All right, at this point you can start the drip. Oh, looks like it's started already. So we're aiming for about a drop per second. Faster or slower with this super simple valve. We're looking for about a drop per second. Right around there looks pretty nice.

At that point put the lid on to keep dust out. And we don't have time to do the rest. At this point you're just gonna let all the water drip through to the bottom so go through that bed and in just a couple of hours you're gonna have a pitcher of nicely, slightly concentrated coffee which you can add to ice and milk if you like. And it's a delicious, refreshing treat.

So this is the Bruer made by Cold Bruer. That's how we like to use it. Very simple. We think you'll like it. Thanks for watching.

Dec 14th 2014 meredithlangley

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