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Cona Filtering Rod in a siphon brewer, brewing coffee


Cona Glass Filter Rod For Siphon Brewers

A single-piece glass filter that replaces the standard filter assembly

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Hey friends. Caleb here with Prima Coffee. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Cona draining rod. If you've ever used a siphon brewer, you know that the clean up process is quite involved. But here to save the day is the Cona draining rod. It's made entirely of glass, so clean up is a breeze. I mean, you just have to rinse it off under some water, and it's good to go for another round. If you can see right here, it's textured, so it does allows the non-solubles to go through. At first glance, it looks like something that wouldn't really work for a filter. But yeah, this textured glass right here will allow your coffee to drain through, but not the larger grounds that are still up top. So yeah, let's go ahead and see this in action. Go ahead and add that in there. All right, while we get this going, I'll mention that this draining rod is compatible with all Hario, all Cona, all Yama brewers. So it's a really neat feature. So now, we got the water up there. We'll go ahead and add some coffee. Give it a stir. So, we'll give this just about a minute, and then we'll see it draining in action. So, you have the draining rod, yeah, I mean, it's a really neat feature, a really neat...a tool for this.

I mean, it makes cleaning a breeze, but it changes the cup just slightly. It's a heavier bodied cup. It's going to be something more like what you would get from a metal filter. It's not going to be as clean as something from cloth or a paper filter but it's still a very good cup of coffee. Going to give this another stir. So, we'll go ahead and cut the heat off and we can watch the drain. Watch it drain. So again, the Cona draining rod is going to be a different type of filter. It's going to be something that's going to have a heavier body. But because of the texture that's on the glass, we're able to keep most of the grounds from draining through. It is a great tool for somebody who is using this siphon on a regular basis, going to be something that's very easy to clean. It's good to note though, that it is going to be very hot to the touch afterwards. So, you're going to want to give it some time to cool down. But yeah, other than that though, it's such a great feature to have. It's super easy to clean. So yeah, that is the Cona draining rod. Thanks for watching.

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