Video Overview | Espro BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Video Overview | Espro BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Feb 12th 2021 Written by Reagan Jones

The Espro BLOOM's patented micro-filter design has been a game changer in the pour over world. Its unique shape, as well as the 1502 precision-cut holes, produce a beautifully clean and well-balanced cup of coffee in only 2 minutes. This flat bottom brewer gives two options of how to brew. It can brew with either a paper filter or built-in micro-filter, both of which produce vastly different, yet quite excellent cups of coffee.


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Hey, guys. It's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and today, we're going to take a look at Espro's new pour over brewer, the BLOOM. The BLOOM is a flat-bottom brewer that has a unique patented microfilter design that is producing some really great results. You may be asking yourself, why do I need yet another pour over in my kitchen? And that's a valid question. But the qualities and features of the BLOOM really do make it stand out. It can produce a cup of coffee in just around two minutes. It also comes with the options to brew with or without a paper filter, just depending on your preference. It's constructed of stainless steel, it also has a silicone slip which gives you a comfortable place to remove it from the cup or craft without burning yourself. And its unique microfilter design is what really sets it apart. It has 1,502 precision-cut holes at the bottom that are placed in a spiral pattern. It also has a wide mouth which gives a wide space to pour, and its cone design sends the water down faster.

If you decide to brew with the paper filter, you get a really excellent, clean cup of coffee. One thing to keep in mind though is that you do have to grind really fine. And because of the microfilter design, that's what allows you to brew without a filter. You do get a much different cup of coffee brewing without the paper filter. It is more like an immersion. You have to grind really coarse and you get a lot of the silt and oils in your cup of coffee. And again, that's a matter of preference. I do feel that the paper filters are worth noting because they're very unique. They are designed specifically for the BLOOM. They have the wide mouth, narrow bottom design, and these really deep ridges. Also, when you get them to come with instructions, they usually come bundled pretty tight. So when you remove the wrapper, you need to flare them out and only use the outermost filter, never pull from the inside. So now, I'm going to show you how to brew using the paper filter.

First, you're going to wet the filter and kind of move it towards... the water stream towards the outside because it will collapse in. So we are using a dose size of 16.5 grams of coffee and 310 grams of water. So you're looking at a 1:19 ratio. We will start out with 50 grams of water for 30 seconds, should get that bloom. Give it a twirl. And once we hit that 30-second mark, I usually get it to about 200, you can see how much faster it's coming out now. Probably about 200, give it another twirl. At this point, I'll go in for that last 110 grams. Great. And at this point, we're at a little over a minute... to get right at about a minute and 45 seconds. It's pretty impressive. And that's a pretty solid cup of coffee and again, a minute and 45 seconds is all it took. So as you can see, the BLOOM is not like every other pour over. Its microfilter design, its durability, its results and its speed make it stand out from the rest. You can find the Espro BLOOM and the Espro BLOOM filters online at

Feb 12th 2021 Reagan Jones

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