Video Overview | Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle V 1.3

Video Overview | Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle V 1.3

Mar 25th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Fellow's Stagg Pouring Kettle is a beautifully designed kettle with equal parts form and function. Its long, graceful gooseneck and comfy, counterweighted handle make precise pours so much easier, giving you the control you need to achieve the best possible brews. Plus, the Stagg makes it simple to keep tabs on your water temperature, via its brew range thermometer that's built right into the lid. Discover more about the Stagg as Steve shares on this fantastic kettle by Fellow.



Hey, guys. It's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today, we're taking a look at Fellow's Stagg Kettle. Now, this is the stovetop version of the Stagg Kettle. There is an electric version. But, this is the standard stovetop. It's a one liter kettle made of stainless steel. And you'll notice it's got this great, kind of modern, sort of angular design, with a really cool ergonomic handle. It's a really well made kettle. It's certainly made to kind of stand out and look modern, in sort of a kind of classy way, to stand out a little bit from some of those more classic, kind of domed or polished stainless steel pouring kettles that you've seen on the market. So, we've got a lot of great features here. There's a lot of thought that went into the Stagg Kettle. Again, we have this ergonomic handle. It's got a really nice grip to it, very easy to hold, if you want to stick your thumb on top or you want to hook it around. Really good, solid grip. And it's actually counterbalanced. So, there's a weight here in the handle, that shifts the pivot a little bit closer to your hand, as you're pouring. So, it makes it a little bit easier to control your flow rate and everything.

Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle V1.3

Counterweighted handle for more pour control

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We also have this great built in thermometer. So, there's a probe thermometer built right into the lid. You can see it goes right down into the kettle. We have a steel lid with three vent holes, and again, this brew range thermometer, you can actually see it has this kind of red zone between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, to let you know that your water's in the right, sort of zone for coffee brewing. Now, this kettle is compatible with most stovetops. Certainly gas and electric, but also induction. So, it's pretty versatile, and you can use it on just about anything you like. We probably wouldn't recommend sticking it on top of a campfire, but that's mainly because it's got this plastic handle, and you don't want to melt that at all. Now, on the spout side, we've got this nice little taper to the lip. So, that gives you good pour control and it helps prevent any sort of dribble coming back. So, I'm just going to go ahead and start brewing with this. I've got some water ready to go. Control over the flow rate is pretty easy. You don't have a very fast maximum pour rate. It's just kind of, it's a little bit slower than some other kettles, like the Hario Buono.

But certainly, not too shabby for manual brewing. It's not going to affect too many brews. You just probably wouldn't want to do cupping or really large French press or anything like that with it. Again, you still have pretty good control over the flow rate. You just don't have a very fast maximum flow. So, we probably recommend a wide mouth kettle for something like that. But, I'm able to get really fine control, and I can slow the stream down quite a bit, get it to dribble if I like. The stream will break up. It doesn't have quite an exaggerated, kind of down turn as some other kettles do. So, the stream will break, but you can still get just a gentle flow as you like. Also, just because of the design of that spout, it doesn't dip down too much. So, you're not able to really get it real close to the brew bed. But, that shouldn't impact most coffee brewing. It's still functional and quite useful for most cases. It kind of depends a little bit on your desired brewing style. But overall, quite a nice kettle. Certainly well made. And again, that counterbalance handle and ergonomic grip really kind of make it a nice kettle to hold and to use, while you're pouring for three or four minutes straight. So, that is the Fellow Stagg Stovetop Kettle. Thanks for watching.

Mar 25th 2018 meredithlangley

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