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Global Customized Water AB Formula in two dropper bottles


Hey guys, it's Steve of Prima Coffee here. Today, we're taking a look at Global Customized Water's Perfect Cup Formula. Now, if you've heard of their AB formula, this is the same thing, just in a different package. So previously, they were single-dose packs with two little tubes, one A, one B, and you would use both tubes to treat one gallon of water to create a balanced water for coffee brewing. Now, instead of those two little tubes, we actually have a 30-milliliter kit which includes 2 dropper bottles, again, one A, one B. So, it's a two-part formula that you drop into your gallon of reverse osmosis or distilled water. Again, to treat it, add some minerals to it to create a brewing water that's balanced specifically for coffee brewing. So, these 30-milliliter bottles, they are a little bit more convenient just because you get...basically, you get 20 doses. You get 20 gallons worth of treatment in a fairly compact package.

Global Customized Water Perfect Cup Formula - 30mL kit

Two-part formula crafted specifically for coffee brewing

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It is a little bit more concentrated than the previous formula but it's still very, very easy to use. All you need to do is add 1.5 milliliters of each, so 1.5 milliliters of A and 1.5 millimeters of B in that order, actually. To a gallon of reverse osmosis or distilled water, just drop it in, shake it up, and that's it. You're done. So, it's already diluted a little bit with some distilled water in here. It contains Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, and Calcium Chloride. So three, basically, minerals that will help get better extraction out of your coffees, get decent balanced flavors. And if your water quality is questionable at all, like let's say you're on a well, or you just don't really like the flavor of the water that you have at your house, and you're tired of buying spring water, or something like that, this is a pretty good option because you get a consistent flavor through your brewing water in your coffee extractions. It's a known quantity, more or less.

It's something that you can rely on extracting the same way every time so that will take a little bit of a variable out of your brewing. So, let's take a look at how this works. Again, it's really easy. You just have these little dropper bottles and in fact, the droppers themselves are graduated so they are labeled up to one milliliter. So you'll do a full dropper and then half a dropper for each bottle. And again, you get 20 doses out of this kit. So, I've just got a gallon of water here, and you'll start with my A. Again, want to make sure that you start with A and finish with B. So, I'm just adding, actually, two droppers of .75 from that, and I'll do the same for B. So just very, very easy here, and that's it. I've treated my water. It's super simple. I just give this a shake, mix it all up, and there you have it. We have a full gallon of brewing water now. Again, so it's super easy to use. Couldn't be simpler AB formula, you just drop a few drops into your gallon of reverse osmosis or distilled water, give it a shake. And now, you have balanced brewing water. That's the Global Customized Water AB Formula Kit. Thanks for watching.

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