Video Overview | Global Customized Water

Video Overview | Global Customized Water

Sep 6th 2016 Written by meredithlangley

If you live in an area where the water is just plain nasty, then Global Customized Water is here to save your hot beverages (and your tastebuds).



- Hey, Steve from Prima Coffee here. Today we're taking a look at Global Customized Water's A-B formula. Now this is such a simple device to use and it's perfect for when you might not have great water quality available or maybe you want to do a test at home brewing with something that's a little bit different because the A-B formula is specifically formulated for coffee and tea brewing.

Global Customized Water AB Formula

Each dose treats one gallon of water and contains dissolved calcium, potassium, and sodium.

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It's meant to have the right mineral balance to get a great extraction out of your coffee. So, it's real simple to use. You just get these two little tubes. We have one packs and five packs so you get two tubes or you get five packs of two tubes. One's labeled A, one's labeled B. These are just solutions of a couple different minerals and they're kept separate just so they don't, like cloud up and form little crystals that wouldn't dissolve very well. All you really have to do is open up these two tubes and squirt them into a gallon of either distilled or reverse osmosis water. Two tubes are meant to treat one gallon, so a five pack will treat five gallons of water. And all you really have to do is pop the top off of each tube. Squirt the whole contents into your gallon of water one tube at a time. Real easy. Cap it up, give it a shake, and you're good to go. So this one gallon of water will be, like I said, specifically balanced for brewing coffee or tea.

This is great if, you know, you're taking your brewing kit on the road to maybe a Farmer's Market or a trade show like we have. And maybe you don't have access to perfect water or you're unsure of what the water quality will be like, you'll have a better assurance of perfect quality water if you try out the A-B formula instead. So all you have to do is find a source for distilled water, which is pretty much available in almost every grocery store in America. Grab your tubes of water, treat your gallon of water, and start brewing. It's that simple. Thanks for watching.

Sep 6th 2016 meredithlangley

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