Video Overview | Hario Copper Brewing Set

Video Overview | Hario Copper Brewing Set

Apr 26th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Bring on the class, the sophistication, and importantly, the shiny-ness! Make brewing look snazzy with Hario's copper edition of the Buono pouring kettle and 02 V60 cone.



Hario's new V60 Buono set and beautiful copper are poised to recapture the coffee world's attention. Solid copper devices are as well-crafted as ever, featuring ergonomically designed brass handles and nickel plating. And with the tarnish resistant clear coat Hario's set to outshine the competition, literally.

Hario Copper Buono Pouring Kettle 900mL

Clear-coated to prevent tarnishing and eliminate off-tastes

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- Hey, Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today, we're gonna take a look at the copper brewing set from Hario. This is the copper, 900 milliliter buono pouring kettle and a copper V60 02. Now, these are basically the same as their non-copper cousins made by Hario. Obviously they're a little bit more ornate and thus kind of a little more special we think. They're made of solid copper. Both are nickel-plated on the inside as well as clear coated so they're not going to add any off-taste from copper. And they're not going to tarnish really over time. So, I'm just going to start a little bit of a brew here. And kind of keep talking. Now, I'm brewing 20 grams of coffee. I'm just going to bloom it with about 40. Now, these are really great. Obviously they're quite a nice set to look at, they pair up really well. But they're also very well constructed.

The buono especially has a redesigned spout. It's a little bit thinner, and it's got slightly different S-curve to it so you have a pour control than you might've had with the larger stainless steel buono. You've got a nice chestnut handle on the lid here as well as a brass handle for pouring. It's ergonomically designed with sort of finger grooves for a nice and easy grip. Now, the handle does warm up when you've got hot water in the kettle but it's not uncomfortable at all. If you leave it on the stove it might heat up a little too much. And it is compatible with stove top use obviously because it's all copper. It's not compatible with induction burners. So you can use it on a ceramic cook-top with gas, electric, that sort of thing. If you were to use a steel plate or something like that you could use on an induction range. You just have to heat it with some other mechanism rather than just setting the kettle directly on.

Hario Copper V60 Coffee Dripper Size 02

Takes the V60 Size 02 white paper filters or the V60 Size 02 brown paper filters

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Now, the V60 the same thing. It is all copper, nickel plated interior and then clear coated with a brass handle right here. Now, one of the things you might kind of wonder is, "Well, doesn't copper affect the heat of the brew? Doesn't it sort of heat sync and suck heat away? It does to a certain extent. But we found it's actually not really any better or worse than the steel V60s than you might have seen that Hario makes. Those have been around for quite a while. It heats up, it gets warm. But as long as you're adding fresh hot water to your brew it doesn't really seem to have much of an impact. If you want you could honestly just heat your water up, you know, two or three degrees higher to take advantage of the fact that, yes, the copper's going to suck a little bit of the heat energy away from the brew and just sort of compensate for that. Now, my brew is almost done here. I've got about 10 milliliters left to go. And there we go.

So really the set is for those who want a beautiful show piece out of their brewing equipment. You've got nice, gleaming, bright copper. Great beautiful brass handles. It's a very warm kind of brewing set. And because of that clear coat finish you're not going to be seeing green spots show up for quite sometime. Now, you do want to make sure you're taking care of these carefully. They're definitely hand wash only. Don't use abrasives if you have to clean them. Just use soft cloths and gentle detergents on occasion. If you want to give your V60 a soak in something like Cafiza, or another coffee detergent, honestly the quicker the better. You don't want to wear down that clear coat and deal with tarnishing or off-taste. But other than that they’re just as functional as any other coffee brewing device made by Hario. They're very high quality. We're really happy to have them. So, that's the copper brewing set by Hario. Thanks for watching.

Apr 26th 2018 meredithlangley

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