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Why do we see the V60 everywhere these days? Is it because of its unique design, its short brew time or the complex coffee it makes? These things and others have made the V60 famous and it's not going away soon. This brewer is many professionals' choice for making great coffee. With the right gear and a little know-how, you can do the same.

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This single cup cone pour-over brewer was specially designed to produce an evenly brewed cup of coffee.

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Hey, this is Chris from Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at the V60 Coffee Dripper. V60 is a single cup manual pour over dripper that uses a paper filter. Let's take a look at the inside of this and see what makes it what it is.

The V60 is named - maybe intentionally, maybe not - because it is a V shape, a cone, and it's kind of a 60 degree angle like this. It's a pretty normal cone shape. The most unique thing about it would be these spirals in the inside. What these spirals do is separate the paper filter from the wall so there's a lot more air flow on the side, which actually increases the flow rate through there. They also allow the water to extract coffee up the sides, which is supposed to promote more even extraction at the sides.

It uses this paper filter, as you can see I was using here. It's a very thin paper and so it has very minimal paper taste. It also comes in natural style and both -- the dripper is available in a couple of different sizes too, so it's great for really small servings like you get with the one size here, or as brewing here with the two size, which is great for one to two people. There's even a three, which is good for bigger parties too.

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The 02 is perfect for brewing fresh coffee in 3-4 minutes for yourself or for some friends.

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Makes a really nice cup of coffee. The quick brew time, which is a result again of the spirals and of the large hole at the bottom, leads to a cup that's a lot more bright, usually, a lighter feeling cup; crisp, clean, bright, fruity and herbal sometimes. Instead of something that's more heavy and sugary and sweet. That's what that quick brew time does. Usually brew time with these is between two minutes and three minutes, maybe a little bit over three minutes if you're doing a large dose.

I'm going to show you what to use for a grind for a dose like I'm doing here. This is a medium to fine grip drip grind that I'm using. I used about 25 grams of coffee in there, so this is going to be just over a 12 or 13-ounce cup. We use a fine grind so that you can keep the -- rather, prolong that brew time. Because of the spirals and the big hole, the water rushes through really quick so you use a finer grind so that it slows it down a little bit, prolongs the extraction for two or three minutes or so.

We do recommend using a special pouring kettle like the Buono here for this. It enables you to pour really slow, another way you can draw out that brew time and pour precisely. A lot of people prefer a circular pouring motion. A center pour is also recommended by some. You can give those a try to see what you prefer.

For the V60, we recommend brewing on top of a cup or a server. You can use a scale like this one from Hario and it comes with a full spread of accessories too; the V60 dripper, the server which is made for it, the filters, the scale, the kettle, a bunch of different things. There's a stand too for the V60. It's from a great trustworthy company, Hario, whose products we really enjoy.

Makes a fantastic cup of coffee and we strongly recommend it for at-home enthusiasts or cafes who are interested in doing single cup service. It's also nice for using on a pour over station so you can do multiple single cups at a time, speed things up a little bit. So, V60 Coffee Dripper, one of our favorites. Hope you enjoy.

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