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Kalita Thin Spout Kettle - 700mL


Kalita Thin Spout Pouring Kettle

The thin-spout design and overall ergonomics of the kettle's design allow for a very slow and controlled flow rate

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Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at Kalita's Thin Spout pouring kettle. The Thin Spout Kettle is a very, very elegant brewing accessory. It has this very nice look, all stainless steel, compliments the line of other Kalita brewing products really well, like the Wave drippers and servers. It's all stainless steel: the handle, the spout, the lid. Everything that touches the water, also stainless steel.

It holds 700 milliliters of water and pours in a very predictable and beautiful pattern. Very slow if you need it to be. Right beneath the spout, as you can see. It can also pour quite a bit faster if you want as well. We really like it, because it compliments that Kalita line of products. It's very lightweight, among the lightest pouring kettles that we have, so it's not too much of a burden on your arm.

It has a pretty practical size too. It works for small single cups, 12 ounces, but also if you're pouring for two people, with that 700 milliliter capacity, you can actually reach a size that works for two people at a time or so. It's not going to work for enormous batches, but it has a practical capacity that overall fits most peoples' needs.

With that, the predictable pouring pattern, the really comfortable grip makes it one of our favorite kettles. We think that you will also like it as well. Thanks for watching.

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