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If you haven't noticed, the Kalita Wave Dripper has exploded in popularity in recent months, but what's all the noise about? Its flat bottom filter cone, and wavy paper filters create a cylindrical brewing chamber that's pretty much without analogy. The flow restricted base minimizes the impact of user error. The result, even extraction, improved consistency, and a nice short learning curve.

Kalita Wave Drippers

The Kalita Wave implements a chopped-cone shape with a flat bottom

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Hey, Chris here from Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at the Kalita Wave Dripper. So the Kalita Wave is a flat bottomed pour over dripper that's unique in a couple ways. For one, the flat bottoms. This is totally unusual for most manual pour over drippers these days; Chemex, and V60 and they're both cone-shaped, and then you have the Kalita Bee House shape, which is more like a wedge. But the cone is pretty much unique to the Kalita and we really like it for that reason. It promotes that even settling of the cake, and promotes even extraction too, so that's why we like it.

The Kalita Wave is also really unique because of these filters. So the wave filters actually push the filter and push the slurry away from the walls of the dripper, and that does a couple of things.

One, it insulates really well. There's not the metal contact to pull that heat away, and there's just air instead which actually insulates really well so you keep temperature in the brew bed. It also makes the flow rate a little bit quicker, which is good because the Wave has only three holes at the bottom of the dripper which would slow down the flow rate quite a bit, but thankfully you have increased air flow which keeps water moving through.

So let's talk about how to use this. I'll show you the grind that I'm using. For this particular dose, which is about 30 grams I'm using kind of a medium to coarse drip grind there. It's actually pretty near what I would use for a Chemex, the same dose and it's working well. So the Kalita, basically you're usually looking at about 3-3 1/2 or maybe even a little higher, a minute brew time, grind setting right around there.

The pouring method is usually going to be kind of a pulse pour in circles. So may be a 10 to 12 times throughout the brewing process, you're going to tap until it drains, and then pour again, and drains again and again.

So let's talk about what you can get with the Kalita. This is the 185 stainless steel dripper, also comes in a ceramic version, a glass version, and some smaller sizes. The 155 is better for one to two servings. We're also looking at the Kalita Wave Pot here which is styled to fit the Wave Dripper line. And we also have some servers that fits the styling as well so it's really a full spread of accessories to get a basic brewing set up and they look really nice together.

Really top quality, glass, ceramic, and steel made in Japan and they do an excellent job. You're seeing these pop up a lot these days, in cafes for single cup service, home users love them, and even in some world and US competitions. In Aaron McCarthy's routine this year; it was won with a Kalita Dripper. So they're really taking the stage and making their presence known as a world class, and professional class pour over dripper.

They're really easy to use. Because of the flat bottom you don't have to rely as much on pouring techniques, so it's okay to be a little bit sloppier, unrefined in your technique. It's not as dependent on the skill of the user. So beginning barista's can totally get away with this and they'll enjoy using it, and they'll get a nice cup of coffee.

So Kalita Wave Dripper we fully stand behind it, and hope that you will add one to your brewing arsenal, thanks.

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