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Dec 10th 2015 Written by meredithlangley

Enjoy your brew on the go with the first "barista-approved" travel cup - the KeepCup.


Hey, Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today we're taking a look at the Brew Series Glass Travel Cup by KeepCup. Now we have these in a couple different varieties. We have 8 ounce size and a 12 ounce size.

KeepCup Brew Glass Travel Cup

The first "barista-standard" cup is now available in heavy-duty borosilicate glass and an array of stylish colors.

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And these are all made of borosilicate glass, so they're pretty durable. And even though they're not insulated, they still do a pretty good job of keeping your drink warm for a couple hours. So if you're on the go, you're going to work, you'll have warm Cappuccino by the time you hit your desk.

Now if you're familiar with KeepCup, these actually have a redesigned lid. Inside is a rubber material and it's bonded with a plastic and it's kind of molded. So it forms a really good seal around the glass, so less chance of leaking. And the top closer has the same thing right around the mouthpiece, as well as the center. So you can carry this with you without worrying about getting it all over your nice shirt.

Now these are all dishwasher safe. The silicone bands are good to throw in the dishwasher, just put it up on the top rack. Maybe throw this little guy down with the silverware and you're pretty much good to go. We also have the cork series. It's limited edition. These have sustainably harvested Portuguese cork. It's a natural product. It's not gonna be good in the dishwasher. You're gonna wanna hand wash these. But aside from that, lid's pretty much the same.

This guy here, the 12 ounce is our best seller. So we've seen a lot of interest in these. The cork's really great. It helps insulate your hand against the cup, so these don't really get hot at all. It's really comfortable to carry around. Looks pretty great, too. So that is the Brew Series Glass travel Cup by KeepCup. Thanks for watching.

Dec 10th 2015 meredithlangley

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