Video Overview | Knock Aergrind Hand Grinder

Video Overview | Knock Aergrind Hand Grinder

Jan 11th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Knock's newest hand grinder is designed to deliver peak grinding performance in a travel-friendly size. It features 38 mm coated steel conical burrs and stepless adjustment, that makes espresso, drip, and even french press grinds accessible. Plus, this attractive hand grinder is created to fit perfectly inside the plunger of an Aeropress coffee maker, for a compact travel setup. To see it in action, watch along as Steve demonstrates the capabilities of the Aergrind by Knock.



Hey guys, it's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today we're taking a look at Knock's newest hand grinder, the Aergrind. This is a small, compact, travel-friendly hand grinder with superior grind quality. It's got the same burrs as the Feldgrind, really high-quality burrs in a much smaller package, at a much more affordable price. So let's kind of take a look at it here. If you're familiar with the Feldgrind, this looks really familiar to you. It's basically just kind of a shorter, squatter version of the Feld itself. Takes a lot of the same inspiration, the all black coloring, the silicone band handle looks the same. There are some differences inside. Instead of previously a two-piece body in the Feldgrind, the Aergrind actually has one solid piece milled aluminum body. That's actually great for stability. It allows two bearings to be mounted inside, give you great stability on the driveshaft, which is a little bit thicker, a little bit more robust, but again, driving this same 38 millimeter, conical steel burrs, which are coated for a longer life and a longer sharpness.

Knock Aergrind Hand Grinder

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They're also springloaded. So that will give you pretty good consistency as you're grinding. It'll lessen how much deflection might happen during grinding for that cone burr. Adjusting the Aergrind is fairly easy. You just have to make sure that you get the sort of keyhole on the handle lined up with the shape of the axle itself. It's just sort of a D shape, fairly easy to slide on. Adjustment is made with the entire top cover, so that's slightly different from the Feldgrind. All you have to do is hold on to it, move your handle around, and you'll notice that you have a little cutout with an indicator here to use to pick your grind setting. Now, the overall grind range of the Aergrind is pretty impressive. It works well for espresso, even Turkish coffee, up to drip brews, and, you know, it does decently well in coarse brews, but the capacity is kind of a big limiter there. We wouldn't really recommend trying to brew an entire French press brew because the hopper here only holds about 20 to 30 grams of whole bean coffee. That depends a bit on the density, the size of the beans, but 20 to 30 grams is kind of a good estimation.

The actual grinds container holds about 25 to 40 grams of coffee, sort of depending on the grind size that you're choosing. So, if you can fit maybe 30 grams in a drip grinding, that's decent for a pour over, but if you're trying to do a French press, you might only get 20 grams, and that's going to be a fairly small brew. So, I mean, if that's what you're looking for, then it will do fine. And again, the grind consistency is very good. These are great burrs. The burrs that Knock uses are really excellent. They produce a very good grind quality with excellent flavors in the cup. Very, very impressive, especially at this price point. Now, let's take a look at travel. The Aergrind, of course, shares the name with the Aeropress, and is designed to fit exactly into the plunger, as you see here. That's great for a travel-friendly setup. You can actually take the little handle band and stretch it all the way around so you can mount the handle on the side of the Aeropress itself, or just, you know, tuck it in a bag, or something like that. So this is really convenient. It makes for much more compact coffee travel, and you know, if you have an Aeropress, an Aergrind, some filters and a couple baggies of coffee, you have a pretty darn good mobile brewing set-up.

So that would be great for taking on the road with you, even at the office, or just for, you know, camping, that sort of thing. Let's also take a look at some of the differences between the Aergrind and the Feldgrind. So again, a lot of the same sort of look and feel as the previous model. The overall materials are a little bit different. So the Feldgrind has a lot more metal, the entire top cap is metal, the handle is sort of tougher material, whereas this is a molded plastic, so is the lid here. It doesn't quite feel as high-end as the Feldgrind. But again, that grind quality is kind of where it's carrying its weight, and it's really excellent. You can expect more or less the same quality out of the Aergrind as the Feld. We've noticed that the Aergrind seems to maybe produce a little bit more fines. It's possible it has a little bit more burr wobble in that medium to coarse range. But overall, I mean, unless you were testing them side-by-side, you probably wouldn't notice a difference, and you're going to be really impressed with the quality coming out of the Aergrind. Of course, the Feldgrind has a larger capacity. The Aergrind is more or less intended to be more travel-friendly, so it is smaller, smaller capacity, smaller diameter, and lighter to carry. So, if you're looking for more capacity, you might consider the Feld, but the Aergrind is going to be an excellent, excellent hand grinder. So that is the Aergrind by Knock. Thanks so much for watching.

Jan 11th 2018 meredithlangley

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