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Knock's newest hand grinder sets the bar even higher, with a compact offering that doesn't make any sacrifices on performance.

Designed to be even more compact and travel-friendly than its predecessor, the Feldgrind, the Aergrind features the same 38 mm coated steel conical burrs and stepless adjustment. Now, however, those burrs sit inside dual bearing mounts in a unibody milled aluminum casing. As before, grind adjustment is stepless and built into the upper portion of the burr shaft. Holding the lid in place, you can change your setting by rotating the handle, with a cutout indicating the number on the lid's dial for reference. In total we find the ideal grind range is covered by the first 5 revolutions of adjustment, with each revolution translating to about 0.7 mm of vertical travel between the burrs. Espresso, drip, and even french press grinds are accessible, however the smaller volume of the hopper and grinds catch make the Aergrind better suited to smaller doses and single cup brews.

The Aergrind is purposefully designed to fit inside the plunger of an Aeropress coffee maker, making for a compact travel coffee setup. The hopper holds about 30 grams of beans, and the grinds catch holds about 25-40 grams at a drip grind (3-4 revolutions). For cleaning, we recommend wiping down parts with a soft, damp cloth and drying thoroughly, and cleaning the burrs using a pipe cleaner or similarly soft-bristled brush.

What's in the box:

  • Knock Aergrind Grinder
  • Silicone sleeve
  • Silicone holster for grinder handle
  • Spare o-rings


  • Compact hand grinder with superior uniformity
  • Small and perfect for travel
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Detachable handle with holster
  • 25 gram hopper capacity
  • Made to fit inside an Aeropress coffeemaker
  • 38 mm coated steel conical burrs
  • Made of aluminum, steel, and plastic
Model: Aergrind
Burrs: Conical, coated steel
Burr size: 38 mm (ring burr OD)
Grind Adjustment: Stepless
Hopper Capacity: About 30 g
Grinds Container Capacity: About 25-40 g
Dimensions: 14.5 cm H x 4.7 cm D (without handle)
Grinder Weight: 360 g
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