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Luminaire Automatic Shot Timer on a Linea Mini Espresso Machine


Hey guys, Ryan from Prima coffee equipment here. Today we're going to look at the Luminaire automatic shot timer. Now, if you've got an espresso machine, home or commercial, that doesn't have a shot timer on it, this is an awesome way to get that feature without making any modifications whatsoever to your espresso machine. Let's take a look. This is the screen with a two-digit readout. In the back, there's a couple of magnets, so you can stick that right to the front of the espresso machine. And inside of this, there are two 2032 batteries which will give this thing a lifetime of between four to seven years, which is...that's great.

Luminaire Automatic Shot Timer

Works with any 120 V or 240 V solenoid valve, for both commercial and home espresso machines

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At the end of this thin cord here, there is a magnetic sensor and a clip and a piece of double-sided tape. And this attaches to the solenoid valve on the espresso machine and senses the magnetic movement, then sends a signal to the body here to start the timer. So let's go ahead and install it, and we'll show you how it works. Alright, so we're going to take the top of this espresso machine and we need to find the solenoid valve. In our case, it's right here upfront. Sometimes it's a little more hidden in certain machines. Another thing to note with this device is that it's only going to be functional with 120 volt and 220-volt solenoid valves. If you have a 24-volt solenoid, it is not going to work. Alright. So first, you're going to find the right placement. Setting this just directly anywhere on the solenoid valve sometimes won't work, sometimes you have to play around a little bit.

So ours does really well right about here. The tape holds it there. And then we're going to put the screen right on the front, the magnet. And you can move that anywhere you like. If that cord is too much in the way for you, you could drill a hole in the plastic or the metal of your espresso machine or maybe through the, you know, the top, stainless steel panel here. So all right, we've installed. Let's see if our placement is right and we get the shot timer to go. As you can see, there's a shot time and then when you raise this up, boom. And it's going to hold that number until the next time you actually start again. So that's the Luminaire automatic shot timer, a super easy and affordable way to add a shot timer to your espresso machine without making any modifications. Thanks so much for watching. Check it out at

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