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  • Luminaire Shot Timer and Espresso Machine
  • Luminaire Shot Timer and Espresso Machine


If you have a home or commercial espresso machine without a built-in shot timer, the Luminaire Automatic Shot Timer is the easiest way to add this convenient feature without making a single modification to your espresso machine.

The secret to the Automatic Shot Timer's simplicity is its magnetic sensor. When attached to a solenoid valve the sensor automatically detects the activation and deactivation of the group. Every time a shot cycle begins a signal is instantly received and a timer begins on the display. End your shot and the timer immediately stops. To install, affix the sensor to the solenoid with the included double sided tape, then attach the display to the front of the espresso machine with the built-in magnets. There is no on/off button or any manual operation required -- the timer is ready when you are. A single 2032 battery gives the unit a battery life between 4-7 years, depending on usage. The cord is extremely thin and the slack can often be run underneath the top cover of an espresso machine and hidden away inside. The cord can also easily be channeled through any of four holes on the back of the display so that it leads out from the top, left, or right of the display instead of the bottom, making your preferred placement look cleaner. The timer is only compatible with 120v and 220v group head solenoids. Before purchasing, please make sure your machine operates with a group head solenoid. Many classic E61 machines, for example, do not feature a group head solenoid and are incompatible. Some front panels on espresso machines are non-magnetic and the timer display may need to be fixed with some double sided tape.

Up your espresso game with the incredible convenience offered in the Luminaire Automatic Shot timer -- the easiest, most affordable way to add a shot timer to your home or commercial espresso machine.

What's in the Box

  • Auto Shot Timer
  • Sensor mounting clip with double-sided tape
  • User manual


  • Automatically starts, stops, and resets as you pull your shots
  • Attaches directly to the solenoid valve in your machine
  • Requires no modification to install
  • Works with any 120 V or 240 V solenoid valve, for both commercial and home espresso machines
  • Magnetically attaches to machine surfaces for tool-free mounting
  • Internal battery (CR2032 cell) with 4-7 year life
  • 20 inch wire lead for better access to machine internals
  • Assembled in the USA and tested in Seattle


Model: Auto Shot Timer
Screen Size: .7 in × .7 in (1 in diagonally)
Wire Length: 20 in
Timer Dimensions: 1.3 in W × 1.3 in H × 0.6 in D
Battery Life: 4"“7 years
Power: CR2032 Battery
Wire Temperature Rating: 105 C / 221 F

Espresso Machine Compatibility

For a PDF of the Luminaire espresso machine compatibility guide, click here.

Manufacturer Compatible models
Ascaso Barista Pro
Astoria Perla
Avanti Siena Deluxe with E61
Bezerra Magica, BZ40, BZ10
BFC Classica
Breville Barista Express
Contempo Dual Fuel Electronic
Dalla Corte Mina
ECM Compact HX-2, Mechanika Slim
Elektra Belle Epoque
Expobar Brewtus III, Brewtus IV, Carat, Diamant PRO, G10, Monroc, Office, Onyx, Rosetta, Zircon
Faema Due, E61 Jubile, E98
Fiorenzato Ducale E61
Francesoni Lisa (2013/2014)
Francino Bambino, Cherub, Contempo
Gaggia Classic, Carezza, Gran Gaggia, New Classic, Viva
Iberital IB7 Compact, Intenz
Isomac Isomac Millenium
Kees Van Der Westen Mirage Triplette, Speedster (2013)
La Marzocco GB5, GS3, Linea Classic, Linea Mini, Linea PB, Strada
La San Marco 105 Multiboiler ACT, 85 Flexa, 85 Roma, New 105, New 80, Series 100, Series New 80, Top 80, Top 85
La Spazalli Vivaldi II
Lucca A53
Nuova Simonelli Appia II, Appia II Compact, Aurelia II, Aurelia Wave, Musica, Oscar II
Rancilio Classe 5, Classe 7, Classe 9, Silvia, Specialty
Rocket Appartemento, Boxer, Cellini, Cronometro, Giotto Evo R, Porta Via, R 9, R 58, R 60V, RE A Timer, RE Doppia, R Nine One
Silvano Quick Mill
Synesso Cyncra
Vibiemme Domobar, Junior HX, Lollo, Replica, Tecnique
Victoria Arduino Adonis, Athena, Black Eagle, Theresia, Venus Bar, White Eagle
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