Video Overview | Mahlkonig Guatemala 710 Retail Coffee Grinder

Video Overview | Mahlkonig Guatemala 710 Retail Coffee Grinder

Jun 7th 2017 Written by meredithlangley

Mahlkonig’s Guatemala 710 combines the attributes of the original Guatemala and Kenia, for a retail coffee grinder that offers the ultimate quality of grind and versatility. Featuring 71mm steel burrs and a full range of grind sizes, the Guatemala 710 is known for its ability to produce uniform results and tastiness in the cup. It’s also available in 3 configurations, so you can snag the one that’s just right for your shop. Ready to discover more? Watch along as Steve shares everything you need to know about the Guatemala 710.



Hey, it's Steve of Prima Coffee here. And today we're taking a look at Mahlkonig's Guatemala 710. This is their newest revision of the Guatemala series, which you've probably seen before. It's one of the more popular retail grinders that you'll see in specialty coffee shops, in the US anyway. Now this is kind of them tinkering around with the design and the platform, and revising it to make it a little bit more robust, and a little bit more customizable moving forward. So it's the same overall platform that you've seen before, we've got our 1.1 pound hopper up top. We've got 71 millimeter steel burrs, flat steel burrs, and they're vertically mounted, and 20 grind settings on the dial. So we go from about, you know, espresso Turkish fine to a fairly French pressy course range. Not exactly the best thing for dialing in for espresso but if you need to grind more for like a, you know, a short steep, or maybe you want to do like a coffee rub or something like that, you do have some very fine settings available to you as well as some very coarse ones.

Mahlkonig Guatemala 710 Retail Coffee Grinder

The Guatemala 710 features large 71 mm flat steel burrs

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So we find that in the 19 and 20, you can do those really, really big Chemex brews, your French press brews, your cold brews, but maybe not quite, a large, five gallon batch for a cafe, without calibrating that grind range a little bit. Now, we also have the standard configuration here, but this comes in three different configurations that are available to purchase. So, this is the standard configuration, with our more square spout with the big, rubber bag clamp. Really common to see in cafes, again, that's kind of the standard Guatemala configuration that you'll see out there. But we also have a filter brewing configuration, that has a sort of a fork design to hold on to your batch brew basket, and a different spout that will deliver coffee right into the center of that basket, as well as a lab grinding configuration, which has the same spout, that kind of delivers out at an angle. But we also have a plate, and a sort of a catch cup, that are included with that, so that's great for your retail coffees, maybe you're doing pour overs, or something like that, or lab brew like cuppings, and that kind of thing.

So, a couple of different configurations that you can get. You can even get the parts aftermarket and install them yourself, if you like. But we do have all of those available. Down below we've got a nice, convenient grinds catch tray. It's got a little screen, which helps not only break up the little clumps of coffee that might collect there, but also gives you a nice platform to put a cup or something, or a bag on, without getting it all covered in coffee grounds. So, really, the Guatemala, always going to be a really nice solid performer for cafe use. You do see it, again, and on so many cafes, mainly because it's made a reputation for being just an excellent, affordable cafe grinder. So, anywhere from doing your pour over brews by the cup, or by the smaller batch, like a Chemex, all the way up to grinding retail bags of coffee for your customers, or even doing batch brews for your shop. You've got a lot of versatility with this machine, a lot of power, and a really great burr set with some really great tasting coffee brews. So, that is the new Guatemala 710 by Mahlkonig and Thanks for watching.

Jun 7th 2017 meredithlangley

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