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Mahlkonig K30 Vario Espresso Grinder


World class design and unparalleled precision make Mahlkonig's K30 Vario among the top espresso grinders out there. It's programmable dosing, intuitive controls and pro quality grinding components are praised by baristas everywhere.

Mahlkonig K30 Vario Espresso Grinder

Electronically-controlled dosage and grind profile ensure consistent pour rates

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Hey, I'm Chris with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're taking a look at Mahlkonig's K30 Vario. This is the K30 Vario, and it's the official espresso grinder for the US and World Barista Championship. There are a few things that make it awesome and make it deserve the recognition and being provided as that grinder for those competitions. So let's take a look. For one, we have really simple, intuitive and helpful programming features that make it super easy and fun to use. You can see just a couple of buttons on here. We have a single dose on the left and a double dose on the right. Either of those can be programmed to a number of seconds for the dose. So, for example, our single, it's on right now. You see S for single. 3.4, which is seconds that the grinder will grind once I hit the button underneath. Double right now is set at 4. Those are easily adjustable.

If I hit these both at the same time we go into barista mode, which is actually a manual setting. Hitting the button the grinder will turn on, and it will stop as soon as I remove the button. So let's see what that looks like. Go back to single. It's 3.4 seconds. So I hit the button. [coffee grinding] Counts down from 3.4, and there's my coffee. Double program easily as well. What you do is just hold down either of these buttons and twist the knob. Those are seconds we're seeing right now. So it measures in tenth of seconds all the way down from .1 up to 10 seconds. This grinder moves pretty fast, spitting out about 3.5 to 5 grams per second. So I would never need to go all the way up to 10 seconds, at least for espresso setting. It moves very quickly. Those are 65mm metal burrs inside, flat burrs. They do a beautiful job, beautiful grind here, nice, fluffy, very consistent with that classic Mahlkonig precision and reliability. So I like this grinder because of how easy it is to work with.

You have these two simple buttons. Easy to adjust. Hit the button, the coffee shoots out for as long as you told it to. If you release this button in the middle of a single or a double dose it's actually going to remember how many seconds were left. So if I accidentally or intentionally pull away in the middle of one of those doses it's going to remember I had .3 seconds left or whatever, and once I hit it again it's going to shoot what's left out. There's also a menu we can go into a little deeper if we hold these buttons down. Go into menu, and we can program from here each of the doses. This is single. This is double. There we go, single and double. Using this to go forward in menu, this to go back. Can program those here also. That single we can change that however we want. These are shot counters, resettable shot counters, single and double, and then also unresettable.

So infinitely counted shot counters, single and double. Then we're out. Another thing I love about this is giant hopper, for one, 3.3 pounds of coffee can fit in here. Has this little trap door so it's really easy to get out, empty beans if you need to. I'll also show you how easy it is to get this grinder apart for cleaning and maintenance. Clean this out first of all. Nice and clean. We're going to pop this off. Set it down. Get a little flat head screwdriver. There's one screw on the side here. Unlock this and turn it all the way. A little too far right there. Turn it all the way counterclockwise, and sort of wiggle it off. All of a sudden we're inside. Burrs are right in there. Motor's right in there. Super easy to clean and maintain. There's actually going to be a version of this grinder that also has a fan in the back for more ventilation, a K30 Air.

Will be just about identical to this except will have improved ventilation for keeping cooler as you grind. Something you saw as I was taking this apart is how easy it is to adjust the grind. Not only can you simply adjust the dose and get access to everything, but we have stepless grind adjustment here with 10 marks. Simply loosen this lock, and we're sliding immediately to adjust the grind. Full range of stepless adjustment there, incredibly easy to use. If you're used to really cranking away on collars to just go a tiny notch in espresso adjustment you don't do that with this thing. It's incredibly easy. Unscrew that, slide it. It's as easy as anything. I mean a child could move this back and forth it's so smooth and light. So this is the K30 Vario, official espresso grinder for US and World Barista Championships. Solid piece of equipment, reliable for a cafe setting, for competing. Easy to use, top performing. We love it, and we think you'll like it too. So thanks for watching.

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