Video Overview | Mazzer Robur Electronic Conical Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder

Mazzer Robur Electronic Conical Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder


Hey, this is Steve with Prima Coffee Equipment. Today we're talking about the Mazzer Robur E. This is the top of the line, it's a beast of a grinder. It's something that's perfect for a real high-volume cafe where precision is in demand.

Mazzer Robur Electronic Conical Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder

Conical Steel Grinding Burrs: 71 mm. Coffee-bean hopper capacity: 4 lbs. 500 Rotations Per Minute.

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We got a 4-pound hopper up top, 71 mm conical steel burrs, stepless adjustment with the adjustment wheel here. You can go left or right, go finer or coarser. We also have electronic time dosing controls and a dosing funnel. You can set this grinder up to dose single or double, you can program in your time settings - it's real easy. You just hold down the Menu button for a few seconds, select your dose. Then you can adjust the time in 20th's of a seconds up or down then lock it in by holding the Menu button again.

Really, really easy and if you want to dose manually, there is a manual-- just a pulse button. You can rip out a few grams at a time if you're dialing in first thing in the morning. Now with those big burs, they are only spinning 420 RPMs, but at the same time you're putting out over 6.5 grams per second. You can get 20 grams in your dose in under 3 seconds. Now that means that you're putting out shots really quick, but at the same time you do have a lot of retention to worry about.

It can hold up to 12 grams of coffee or more. So you want to make sure that you're using this in a real high-volume environment and if you have to wait too long between shots you are going to want to pulse and purge quite a bit of coffee in between because the 12 grams that's easily half a dose.

But other than that it's a real beast of a machine. It's great for those high-volume environments. As your primary espresso grinder, it's capable of pulling shots back to back to back all day long.

It comes in 28 inches tall, 62 pounds. It's not a machine you are going to be taking with you or putting it on a cart. It's just going to sit there in your cafe and do its job really darn well. So that's Mazzer Robur E. Thanks for watching.

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