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LIDO E Hand Grinder for Espresso


Orphan Espresso LIDO-E Hand Grinder for Espresso

Micro stepless adjustment, ideal for espresso and great for drip

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Hey, y'all. Ryan from Prima Coffee Equipment here. In front of me is Orphan Espresso's LIDO E Hand Grinder. So the E version of the LIDO is geared towards espresso grinding, although it is capable of grinding anywhere from espresso to a French press, very coarse. So this grinder is constructed of BPA-free medical grade plastic, which is super tough. It's got chrome plated aluminum. It's got some silicone parts and also some stainless steel. It has 40 millimeter conical burrs, and that's really good news when you're grinding for espresso because it's going to go a lot quicker than if you were using finer burrs. And the less time you're putting effort into manual grinding, really, the better.

So, let's also take a look at the grind adjustment here. How you do it is you loosen the bottom ring and then you use the black indicator line here to choose your grind setting. Use that as a reference. And then once you've chosen it, use the top ring and lock it into place. And that's it. I'm going to show you kind of what it looks like to grind with this. Another cool tool that Orphan includes with these is a base that you can sit on the counter like that. Keeps it a little more stable, a little less effort. Okay. And once you've got your coffee, another cool tool that comes with this is a funnel. And the funnel attaches to the top of the grounds bin, and then you can really neatly dump your grounds directly into a portafilter without making a mess everywhere. So that's the LIDO E. We recommend it for home espresso. It does a great job for that application, but you can also use it for really anything. Check it out at Thanks so much for watching.

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