Video Overview | Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base

Video Overview | Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base

Sep 21st 2017 Written by meredithlangley

Get better shot consistency and better extractions without the usual arm strain with Pullman’s Palm tamper. Combining the edge-to-edge reach of a Big Step base with precision adjustable depth and a comfortable palm grip, these tampers are designed to deliver a level tamp every time. Plus, adjusting the depth is quick and easy, with a range of 7.5-14mm and no tools required. Ready to see it in action? Watch along as Steve walks through each of its features, and puts it to use tamping a fresh bed of grounds.



Hey, folks, it's Steve of Prima Coffee here. Today, we're going to take a look at Pullman's Palm Tamper. Now, this is a palm style or puck style tamper, which uses Pullman's Bigstep Base, which is their sort of, unique patent pending design on an over-sized tamper base. It's 58.55 millimeters in diameter, so it's really intended for precision baskets like, VST Style Baskets, Pullman Baskets or other, you know, similarly sized baskets that are more sort of for modern espresso. So definitely, keep that in mind if you're considering buying one of these, it only comes in that one 58.55 millimeter size. Now, the rest of the tamper here is a puck style tamper with an adjustable height, so by unlocking this top part here, I'm able to actually twist the piston to change its height up or down. So it's on a screw lefty loosey, righty tighty . And then, I can lock it back in place just by twisting the cap back and we've got our depth set. Now, the reason you might want to do that is for example, you're running a coffee bar and you're using you know, all the baskets that you use are the same, the dose that you use stays fairly static.

Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base

58.55 mm base sized to snugly fit VST ridgeless baskets and Pullman baskets (may not fit ridged baskets)

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Tamping by depth is going to give you very consistent performance in your espresso shot. You don't really have to worry about weight and the other really important factors, this little rim here catches against the basket rim and ensures that, it's a level tamp every time as well. So, you have adjustable depth, as well as an ensured level tamp, which means that you're shots are going to be super consistent. As long as your distribution is pretty good and your grind isn't super clumpy, you're going to take away another factor that might lead to inconsistent shots. It's also, pretty ergonomically friendly you know, you don't really have to contort your hand or wrist to use a tamper like this. You can simply set in on top of your Porter Filter and you can even just push it with the palm of your hand. So, a really great product to put on your line for you baristas to ensure consistency as well as, kind of save some restraint. But we also have the edge-to-edge tamping on the basket.

So, this product is made out of stainless steel and aluminum, it comes with three parts. So it's a nice... it's a little bit tall but it's a nice kind of light weight tamper. And you can see here, that we have some holes drilled out to reduce the weight even further. Again, it has this screw to attach all the parts as well as, to adjust the depth. And it's a very simple mechanism for adjusting and setting your tamping depth. During bar service, you don't need any tools or anything like that. So, just to take a look at what tamping with one of these is like as well as adjusting for a dose. I'm going to grind a little bit of coffee. Alright, so I got my dose here, I should also note, I'm using a VST ridgeless basket and we recommend ridgeless baskets with all of the Bigstep bases. That's because the ridge baskets, they can have a little bit of variance with the inner diameter. So some of them are not 58.6 millimeters in diameter, some of them are a little bit smaller which means that, over-sized bases like this can actually bind up and not tamp properly. So, we do recommend the ridgeless baskets, ridge baskets are sort of a case-by-case thing. So you want to make sure that if you're considering buying one of these, you probably want to measure your basket unless you're sure that it's going to be the right inner diameter.

Anyway, just to show you what tamping is like, so I've got a little bit of lopsided distribution here. I'm just going to give it a little bit of a tap to settle and hopefully even it out a bit. Now, I have a depth set here but i'm not sure if it's right, so what I'm going to do first actually, is extend this a little bit more than I know I need. So, just to loosen the top a little bit, give the bases a twirl and then lock it back in. So, I'm going to just push that down and compress it in. Now, I can feel the coffee's, kind of stop compressing and I'm not quite there, so what I'll do instead, is loosen it and just take it back, just a bit, lock it back in place. And now I can see that, the collar or the rim on the basket. I'm sorry, the collar of the rim on the tamper is catching the rim of the basket, which means that I've gotten full compression here and I'm going to ensure myself a level tamp from now on. So, that's basically how you would set that depth for a given dose of coffee and every consecutive dose after that is going to give that consistent depth, that level tamp. And you only need to make small adjustments from there. So that is the Pullman Palm Tamper. Thanks for watching.

Sep 21st 2017 meredithlangley

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