Video Overview | PuqPress M2 Automatic Tamper for Mythos 1 & 2 Grinders

Video Overview | PuqPress M2 Automatic Tamper for Mythos 1 & 2 Grinders

Jun 20th 2019 Written by meredithlangley

Streamline your workflow and prevent barista elbow with the PuqPress M2 Automatic Tamper! The M2 uses electronically adjustable tamping pressure set at your desired force to tamp the exact same setting every time. It's also designed to work seamlessly with Nuova Simonelli/Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 or Mythos 2 grinders, fitting perfectly beneath either grinder to save valuable counter space and increase production time.


Hi, guys. It's Steve with Prima. Today we're taking a look at Puqpress' M2 automatic tamper. It's a product that's designed to sit underneath your Mythos 1 or Mythos 2 grinder, and makes it a lot easier to tamp consistently. So what makes a Puqpress great is it's an automatic tamper. It relieves a lot of the wrist strain associated with manually tamping. Traditional style tampers can put your arm in really weird positions. And since you are pushing weight into your wrist, that can actually lead to some strain over time, and some real bad problems, you know, all the way up from your wrist up to your elbow. So a product like a Puqpress is a really great way to kind of relieve that strain and make it a lot easier to tamp consistently.

PuqPress M2 Automatic Tamper for Mythos 1 & 2 Grinders

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So it's an automatic piston that activates when you insert a portafilter into the forks, just like so. You will hear the piston actually it's twice to give you a nice level and consistent tamp. And we have this control panel right down here where you can set your desired pounds. So currently I'm set at 30 pounds. I could set it to 40 or 60, whatever I like. It goes from 20 to 60 pounds and it'll tamp consistently at that weight every time. So this particular model of Puqpress, there are others that are either countertop or designed to go under different grinders, the M2, in particular, is designed to go underneath your Mythos One or Mythos 2 espresso grinder. So that's kind of why the shape is as it is. It's more or less designed to follow the body design of both those Mythos grinders.

So there's some important steps for setup, with that in mind. I'm going to show you them real quick here. The first thing I'm going to do is turn my Puqpress off and unplug it, just so I can safely demonstrate this. The very first step of setup Is to set the portafilter forks where you need The Puqpress doesn't really work that well if you haven't set it up properly for your portafilters. This step is crucial and if you have different size portafilters, you're probably going to want to get the same ones. So if you have like one bottomless and a couple of different spouted, you're probably going to want to get all three of the same type, or the Puqpress really kind of loses some benefit there because it's not going to be as consistent. So we're going to set the depth for this bottomless portafilter that I have here. And all you need to do that is the wrench that's included with it. The new Puqpress M2, well, really, all the new Puqpress models have this great dial that makes it a lot easier to set up the portafilter forks. All I have to do is loosen these two bolts. Just really give them like a quarter to a half turn just so that the fork is easy to move. And then the dial will allow me to move the fork up or down as needed.

So what I want to do is to make sure that my portafilter is fairly snug. It obviously needs to come in and out and be able to be removed. So I'll just adjust the wheel as needed, and then once I feel like it's in the right spot, I can tighten those bolts down. And of course, check to make sure my fit is right. There'll be like a tiny bit of wiggle but that's good because you need to obviously be able to remove the portafilter. I'm going to tighten those bolts down just a little bit more to make sure that they're nice and snug. Now my portafilter forks are set and it's time to get ready to install with the grinder. For that, I'm going to set it back upright. Really there's only one thing that needs to happen in terms of getting this set up properly for a Mythos, and that is, you'll see that there's this channel running through the body of the Puqpress.

All you need to do is run my power cord through that. You'll also notice that there's some inset holes And then more like these four depressions. That is because the foot placement on the Mythos One and the Mythos 2 is actually different. So these little depressions are what I'm going to use for my Mythos 2 grinder. So as I said, I just need to make sure that my power cord is running where it needs to be. I'm going to run it back, straight back between the back two feet of the grinder, and just run the power cord straight underneath the grinder. And then, on the bottom side, I actually have channels for running the power cords, which is really handy. You don't need to worry too much about the slack. There's obviously a big open channel in there. So when it comes to actually getting the grinder set up, just make sure the power cord is not being pinched by the feet, and that it is running down that channel. You can even just sort of give it a light tug, carefully, to make sure that it runs straight through.

So now just make sure that my feet are placed nice and square in those little intended depressions. And we're pretty much ready to go. So the fit and overall finish with the Mythos 2 is not quite as nice as a Mythos One. As you can see, we have maybe an inch or so of actual space underneath the grinder, which is fine because we wanted to have access to airflow too. It's maybe not the prettiest setup but it's functionally quite good. It's very nice to be able to go straight from grinding into your portafilter to tamping straight afterward without having to worry about finding an extra tamper, making sure that it's clean and dry, all that stuff. So really a very nice, a very good product for kind of streamlining the workflow and again, saving those barista wrists. So that is the Puqpress M2. Thanks for watching. Hey, guys, thanks for watching. If you want to see more videos like this and find some helpful articles, be sure and check our Learning Center. If you have any questions about products, and need some support, get in touch with our sales team. We'd be very happy to help you. Thanks.

Jun 20th 2019 meredithlangley

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