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- Hey folks, it's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today we're gonna take a look at this little guy, this is a teflon coated dispersion screen for Slayer Espresso Machines. Now this is a 58 millimeter precision dispersion screen. These are made actually by IMS and it's part of their competition series of dispersion screens. But these guys are coated in teflon to give them a little bit of an extra edge over some of the rest of their filters and dispersion screens.

Slayer Teflon Dispersion Screen

Precision engineering and Teflon coating work to promote an even flow of water through the dispersion screen.

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Now these are precision engineered so they have a very even distribution of water all around the entire surface of your puck. You'll see here there are some large holes that are evenly dispersed around the screen as well as they're broken up with some smaller holes to promote a little bit more even flow of water all the way around. Now, the Teflon coating gives it a couple of unique advantages the first of which is that they're really easy to clean. Now Teflon obviously you know it as a non stick product, you're not gonna see as much coffee gunk sticking here as you would on a normal stainless steel screen.

That means that when you need to clean it, all you need is a little bit of hot water and a soft cloth. You basically just soak it, or spray it down and wipe it clean. Super easy to do. The down side there, is that you cannot use detergent with these screens. A detergent like Cafiza, something like that, will cause the Teflon to break down a little bit over time, it's gonna lower the lifespan of your screen. So you want to use these detergent free.

If you need to change your back flush regimen, all that means is that you take the screen out before you back flush your group head. So you can still keep your three way valves clean, keep your group head in good shape, you just take the screen out before you back flush. Throw it in a little container of hot water, take it out, give it a wipe down while your machine is running its back flush cycle, and you're all set.

The screen itself is sized 58 millimeters, that's perfect for Slayer Espresso Machines, but it's also perfect for a lot of other similar 58 millimeter groups. So right here I've got a La Marzocco Strada behind me, and you'll see it fits in no problem. The only thing that you really need to make sure is that this center hole fits your dispersion screw. So I can pop it right in here, I'll just tighten it down to finger tight. The second main advantage of that Teflon is that it causes water to bead as it flows over the screen. It doesn't really adhere as much as it would on stainless steel. So you can see the difference really easily.

On my right group head I have an OEM stainless steel screen and on my left I've got the Slayer screen. And you'll see there's a much more even distribution of water all the way around, and honestly it's kind of a prettier dispersion of water as well. You've got a little bit of kind of unevenness, sometimes there's a little bit of uneven flow, you'll see there's a couple of stronger trickles here and there. On this side, it's more even all the way around. You still do see a couple of jets here and there, but for the most part it's a very even flow of water completely around the entire surface of your puck. And that means that you're gonna get a little bit more even extraction as opposed to an OEM screen. And again, these things are really, really easy to clean.

This is such a simple upgrade that will change the way you pull your shots, it will change how much effort is required to keep your machine clean, keep those shots tasting their best, and you know it's just a simple thing to make your entire life behind the counter a little bit easier. So that is the Slayer Teflon Coated Dispersion Screen, thanks for watching.

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