Video Overview | Takahiro Pouring Kettles

Video Overview | Takahiro Pouring Kettles

May 23rd 2018 Written by meredithlangley

The Takahiro pouring kettle is known throughout the coffee world for its wonderful control. Enjoy its incredible precision while ensuring your brew will hit bull's eye.



If you're familiar with pourover brewing, you know the kettle is an important part of the process. Takahiro's reputation for precision pouring combined with a sturdy stainless steel construction makes it a kettle any coffee enthusiast will covet.

Takahiro Pouring Kettles

Thin pouring spout for ultimate control

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Hi, I'm Sidra with Prima Coffee. Today we're looking at the Takahiro Pouring Kettles which we carry in the 900 and 500 milliliter sizes. Now the Takihiros have really become known for their excellent pouring control. So if you have a brew method that needs more of a precise pour you can go from this really thick, heavy stream down to this really thin little trickle and just get the water where you need it to be on the grounds for a really excellent brew.

The Takahiro's are made from seamless stainless steel. They also have this great little lip, which bends outward so no water is going to get caught under anything. They're easy to dry. This opening right here is also very large so you can get your hand inside here for easy cleaning again and then finally because they're stainless steel they're compatible with any stove type so anything from gas, to electric, to induction these guys are good to go. So yeah, that's it. These are your Takahiro Pouring Kettles. Thanks for watching.

May 23rd 2018 meredithlangley

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