Video Overview | Third Wave Water

Video Overview | Third Wave Water

Feb 16th 2017 Written by meredithlangley

When it comes to having good flavor in your coffee, the water that you brew with really matters. That’s where Third Wave Water comes in, with its patent-pending formula that’s designed to transform a gallon of distilled or reverse-osmosis water into water that’s balanced to a standard spec and ready to make your brews shine. In this video, Steve covers all you need to know about this easy to use, simple solution that’ll give your brews the same great taste, whether you’re at home or on the road.



Hey, folks, it's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today we're going to take a look at Third Wave Water. Now, this is a water treatment system basically designed to get the best flavor out of your specialty coffee by treating distilled, or reverse osmosis, water to bring its mineral contents up to somewhere that would be considered really good for coffee brewing. Now, what we have here is actually the pre-production version of this product. The packaging will probably change. They have a Kickstarter going right now. The formula might change as well, but for now, this formula contains only three ingredients, magnesium sulfate, calcium citrate and sodium chloride. Might sound a little bit scary, but those are basically just some minerals that you add to water. They're already present in a lot of water to make your coffee taste a little bit better as you brew.

Third Wave Water

Just add one capsule to one gallon of water, shake to dissolve, and brew. Contains 10 capsules.

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Now, this product is not meant to be a perfect solution for everybody's coffee brewing. So, for example, here in Kentucky we have somewhat hard water. We got a lot of limestone, so the water coming out of our taps might have a lot of calcium in it. And the local roasters are basically profiling their coffees to taste good with the water that's coming out of their taps, treated or untreated, however that may be. That means that, you know, somebody in a different state might brew coffees roasted in Kentucky and find that the coffee tastes a little bit different, or doesn't taste the way the roaster intended. So, with that in mind, there is no one water that is ever going to be a perfect solution for every coffee out there. But if you have problematic water, lets say you have a well or you have a private water supply, like, you have, like, a stream or a lake somewhere nearby, and you get your water. And you have to either treat it or boil it or something to make it portable or drinkable. You might want to have a solution that you can rely on that will have consistent, good tasting water that doesn't cause problems when you brew coffee.

So, what you get when buy Third Wave Water is a bunch of these little capsules. You get ten per pack, and they each contain one dose that will treat a full gallon of, like I said, reverse osmosis or distilled water. Now, this just ground up particle...powder of the minerals I have mentioned before. And all you have to do to use it is take your gallon of distilled water, in this case. Pop open the tube, and, again, the packaging might change, so it might be like a tear off for something later on. For now, we've got these little tubes. All you have to do is take that powder, dump it right in, make sure it all gets in there. Close up your gallon of water and just give it a shake. It's ground quite fine, so it dissolves really quickly. Just give it, you know, a shake for, like, a minute or so, and then if you see that there any undissolved powder, just shake it a little bit more, stir it, what have you.

Once it's all dissolved, you're ready to brew. You've got treated water good for brewing coffee. That magnesium is going to help pull out some of the acidity. The calcium will help kind of balance the flavors out. And overall, its a really good brewing water. And in fact at the recent CoffeeChamps Knoxville event, three of the top six finalists in the brewers cup used this product. So, really promising, a lot of people are really kind of coming around and trying it out, and they're really enjoying it. So, this is a... It's a pretty exciting new product, and we couldn't be more happy to have it in our catalog. So, there you are, Third Wave Water, in their pre-production version, thanks for watching.

Feb 16th 2017 meredithlangley

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