Video Overview | Zojirushi Commercial Water Boiler And Warmer

Video Overview | Zojirushi Commercial Water Boiler And Warmer

Jul 26th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Zojirushi's Commercial Water Boiler and Warmer is the perfect hot water solution for the home prosumer or a light commercial setting. Its five liter capacity and three temperature settings make it ideal for whipping up coffee, tea, and even instant foods. See it in action and explore its capabilities as Steve shares on the Zojirushi Water Boiler in this video.


Hey, folks. It's Steve with Prima Coffee here. Today, I'm taking a look at the Zojirushi Five-Liter Commercial Water Boiler. Now this is a, they say commercial, but we see this more of like a very kind of home prosumer kind of product or light commercial, just because of its size. Five liters is not a whole ton of water, especially in a coffee shop environment. However, if you find yourself brewing a lot of coffee at home or, you know, maybe you have a shared kitchen in an office, that sort of thing, this is a really excellent product to boil your water for your coffee brewing, your tea-making or even stuff like oatmeal. Now, we have a five-liter capacity. We have a very large open lid, very easy to access to refill, as well as check the capacity. Inside is an aluminum boiler with a non-stick coating.

Zojirushi Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer

Generous 169 oz./5 liter capacity serves up to 21 8oz. cups

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We've also got some cool little things, like there's a very clear fill-level indicator, as well as an indicator to let you know how to empty the boiler with a slight spout indent here. We also have a steam catching lid so not a lot of steam is released while the unit is in operation. In fact, most of that steam is captured and then re-condensed to drop back down into the boiler. This unit has three temperature settings. You'll see it right here. We have 175 degrees, 195 and 208 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to heat full five liters, this unit needs about forty minutes to fully come up to temperature. It's got a 800-watt heating element so it's not going to speedily produce five liters of hot water, but it will keep it hot pretty much all day long.

It also has a reboil button, just to bring things back up to temperature. Let's say, you lose power or something like that, it would basically take the quickest route to heating the water back to your desired temperature. We also have a seven-hour hold timer so you can just cycle through the settings and you'll see the seven-hour light comes on. And that basically puts it into kind of, like, a rest mode. It'll wait seven hours after you set that in order to start heating the water again. So that's good if you want to set it overnight and wake up to hot water in the morning.

Now, in order to use it, we have this unlock button and a dispense button. You have to hit the unlock button before you hit the dispense button. That's just a safety feature so it's not spraying hot water if you bump it or something. Go ahead and hit the unlock button. It will stay on for a few seconds. And then you'll notice that it's not dumping water out. It is a little's not too slow either but it's kind of moderately dispensing water. It takes probably about 30 seconds or so to fill up one liter kettle, as I'm doing right here. Now we also have this nice big sight glass on the front, very easy to see what your fill level is. And then, of course, very easy to pop the top open and refill as needed. So, that is it. It's a fantastic little boiler.

Again, we don't quite recommend it for full commercial operations. It's going to be really good if you have a home that uses a lot of hot water for various hot drinks or, again, you have an office or even a small commercial operation or a farmer's market table, that sort of thing. Those lighter duty environments are going to be really great for this water boiler to give you five liters of nice hot water for your coffee brewing. So, that is the Zojirushi Five-Liter Water Boiler. Thanks for watching.

Jul 26th 2018 meredithlangley

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