A Comparison of Timemore Grinders & the Knock Aergrind

A Comparison of Timemore Grinders & the Knock Aergrind

Sep 21st 2020

If you're interested in checking out alternatives to the Aergrind, we hope you'll take a look at these newly listed hand grinders from Timemore, which are currently in stock and ready to ship! To learn more about how each grinder compares to the Knock Aergrind, check out our comparison information below:

Timemore nano and knock aergrind

Timemore NANO Manual Coffee Grinder

For portability and consistency when it comes to hand grinders the Knock Aergrind has long reigned supreme here at Prima, but the Timemore NANO is more than prepared to make a claim that it’s at least as good on both of those fronts. Just a touch smaller in diameter and a full 2 centimeters shorter than the Aergrind, the NANO is still able to pack away in your AeroPress plunger or, really, almost anywhere with its small stature. You’ll also get all metal construction in the NANO and smoother grinding and operation with a firm fitting lid and handle and straight-forward stepped adjustment. The Aergrind does offer a larger capacity—25 grams in the Aergrind versus 15–18 grams in the NANO—and a bit more control over your grind setting with a stepless adjustment versus the stepped option from Timemore. Both produce great grind consistency, though with the NANO you get the option of two different burr sets—the stainless steel burr will excel in the drip grind range, while the titanium coated burr is best suited for fine pourover or AeroPress. In our testing the titanium burrs can also be used for espresso, but the stepped adjustment only affords you one workable grind setting.

Timemore Chestnut slim and knock aergrind

Timemore Chestnut Slim Manual Coffee Grinder

Do you like the sound of the NANO but need a slightly larger capacity? The Timemore Slim is a taller grinder that still offers all of the same functionality features as the NANO. Standing at 17.5 centimeters it is a bit taller than the Aergrind but still has a small enough diameter to pack away into your AeroPress, and that added height means that you get a 25 gram capacity in the Slim which matches the capacity of the Aergrind. You’ll still get the smooth operation that’s built into Timemore’s line of hand grinders and stepped adjustment. This grinder is only available with the titanium coated burr option, making it best suited for conical pour over grinds and finer. In our testing this ground plenty fine enough for espresso, but the stepped adjustment limits you to one setting that may require some slight dosage tweaks to be workable. In our opinion that is a more than reasonable trade-off at this price point for a grinder that can be used for espresso in a pinch.

Timemore Chestnut C2 and Knock Aergrind

Timemore Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder

If the AeroPress plunger test isn’t an absolute requirement for you, the Timemore Chestnut C2 is prepared to offer grinds quality comparable to the NANO, Slim, and Aergrind, at a price that seems too good to be true (but don’t worry, it’s really real). With a 20–25 gram capacity and a build just a touch more short and stout than the Slim, the C2 cuts some cost by using PCTG plastic parts for the internal construction rather than the all metal build of the NANO or Slim. You can still expect smooth operation and repeatable adjustment, using the same stepped mechanism as opposed to the stepless Aergrind adjustment which gives you more control, and a size that’s not quite so diminutive as the other grinders but still plenty small to store easily in your travel gear.

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Sep 21st 2020

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