Able DISK Fine Reviews & Recipes

Able DISK Fine Reviews & Recipes

Apr 15th 2012 Written by Kirk.williams

UPDATE: Able has announced that the DISK Fine will be going into production, details here: DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

UPDATE: Able has announced that the DISK Fine will be going into production, details here: DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

Should You Buy The DISK Fine from Able? Keep Reading to See What Others Have to Say!

Our goal with this post is to have one central location for DISK Fine web discussions that will offer helpful recipes, tips, and ratings on the DISK Fine. This post and these reviews will help Able decide whether the DISK Fine will go into production. If you would like more information on the DISK Fine, then first read the original blogpost on our announcement: Enter for a Chance to Receive & Test a Free Pre-Release DISK Fine Filter from Able.

Able DISK Fine User Submitted Reviews

We welcome your reviews and recipe submissions in the comments below. These two types of comments will be most helpful (though feel free to interact with other commentors on recipes, reviews, etc):

1. Recipes - One user submitted recipe of the DISK Fine will be taken from this blogpost and will be included on the DISK Fine packaging if it goes into production. We will determine at a later date exacty how we will decide on the winner (though we can promise that it will include some sort of voting system - UPDATE: Because of logistical difficulties, we will be testing in-house instead of using a voting system.). Therefore, if you have received a DISK Fine, we invite you to submit your recipe in the comments below. Only the recipes submitted in comments to this blogpost will be considered for placement on the production DISK Fine packaging. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that the DISK Fine will go into production so we cannot guarantee that a recipe will be chosen.

2. Reviews & Ratings - If you have had the privilege of using the DISK Fine, please tell us about it in the comments below! This will help Able determine if it will be worth going into full production with the DISK Fine.

Able DISK Fine Blogger Reviews

disk fine at prima coffee equipment

We hope to keep updating this section with links to bloggers that have written in-depth and insightful reviews on their impressions of the DISK Fine (if you want your blog featured, please email us a link to your post and we will take it into consideration).

Able DISK Fine Forum Discussions

Join the discussions about the DISK Fine on these online coffee forums:

  • - "Able Disk Fine Filter Winners?" - Excerpt: "I ground on the middle of the Fine setting, and after following the directions I ended up with a perfectly extracted full bodied cup. The body was obviously much fuller than the paper filters, however it was ABSOLUTELY cleaner and juicer than what I got from the original DISK filter. The mouthfeel is like what I would imagine the Kone would produce when used in that full immersion device that Able is about to debut. It was clean like a Kone brew, but had the nice body typical of a full immersion brew." -EvanOz85
  • - "Able Brewing's Disk Fine" - Excerpt: "This was using my standard recipe--17 g. coffee ground fairly coarse (1.625 turns CCW from zero on the LIDO), 210 g. water, steep for 1:30 inverted, finish plunging by 2:00. Next I'll probably brew uninverted and see what the drip-through is like." -jbviau
  • - "Anyone Else Get One Of These?" - Excerpt: "just tried my first cup. gotta say, it really does produce a superior cup to paper filters in my opinion. much richer cup, and no superfines at the bottom (was expecting some based on the flavor profile, being so much closer to a french press cup)." -elltydd
  • - "Decided to Document My Aeropress DISK Fine Brew This Morning" - Excerpt: "Hard to see in the picture, but there is a decent amount of oil on the surface of the coffee, due to the slight oilyness of the coffee I am using and the nature of the Disk filter, versus a paper one. Coffee was intensely fruity and somewhat floral, with restrained acidity and a long finish that was almost like honey/tobacco/citrus mixed together, super viscous mouthfeel too. Overall, I would be super happy if I had a cup that tasted like this every morning." -superbowlfunday

Have an Able DISK Fine review, recipe, or question for one of the DISK Fine testers? Just leave it below in the comments!

Apr 15th 2012 Kirk.williams

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